Sunday, 25 November 2007

Busy Life

So many of my friends passed this tag to me but I was not able to grab it directly because of my busy schedules here. As you all know I am working from Friday to monday, so basically weekends does not exist in my diary, lol.


Were you a planned baby?: Definitely yes. I am number 7 of 11 you see. Mama and Papa were trying to have another boy and was disappointed when a little girl came out, hehehe. Not so disappointed actually because they raised me and love until to this day. But I was known as a blacksheep in the family and the "ACE" too. So meaning I was a spoiled brat and I get things my way all the time. So I would not be surprise if one of my kids will do the same, lol. I have to be ready to deal it.

Were you the first?: Nope. I am the lucky 7, like Jose Rizal, lol.


Do you have low self esteem?: Not quite as low as you think, lol.
Do you get depressed about things easily?: Yes and No. There are times I can be totally affected by my emotion and get so down but not for long because I also managed to pork-up easily. But most of the time I am a happy smiling woman who is known as "Bungisngis".

Are you happy right now? Of course. With 2 adorable kids, fairly good life and a kind and loving husband, who wouldn't? No reason to be sad, is there?


Are you comfortable with the way you look?: Not all the times. People who said their comfortable of the way they look must be lying because there are times when you feel ugly too and uncomfortable. Its just normal even celebrity does.

Describe your hair: Straight and Shoulder Length


Do you have a license?: License to buy alcohol? Yes, lol. Driving license in Pinas? Yes also. But here in England? I dont think so.....

Ever been kicked out of a bar?: I been kicked out in Waterfront Casino before. I was already 21 yrs old and they don't believe me even I gave them my Postal Id proving I was at my legal age. It was humiliating that I walked the hotel with hubby head down and refusing to looked up.


Do you prefers indoors or outdoors? When it cold like these days I would prefer indoors but when its warm like summer of course I love outdoors.

Do you like walking in the rain?: Not a big fan of rain but ocassionally I quite like it. I dont like wet and muddy.

Do you like thunderstorms?: Thatss a big "NO" jud.


Are you a vegetarian?: Nope. I can be but I can't because I love fish and litson manok.

Anything you absolutely could eat forever?: Daily food...long as it not porbidden due to health problems or sickness and that specific food could harm or make your illnesses worse. Do you know what I mean?

What is your favorite dessert?: Apple Pie and Custard or Apple crumble and fruit salad too.


Do you want to get married?: Happilly married already and have lived together for 6 yrs now.

Have you ever been in love?: Yes and I am married to that person I am in love to.

Are you in a relationship now?: Yes, for 6 yrs already and wishing for more happy years to come.


1. Where is your cell phone?: Both in my handbag.

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend ?: My husband, thank you very much! Outside talking to his boss.

3. Your hair?: Short and lovin' it.

5. Cheesecake? One of my favourite pudding.

7. Your dream last night?: I was space walking, lol.

8. Your favourite drink?: Mango Juice

9. Car you want?: Bentley and McLaren

10. The room you're in: Sitting room with my laptop with me, lol.

12. Your fears?: Dark and Snakes

13 . Nipple rings?: Sore

14. Who are you hanging out with tonight?: My wonderful kids here bugging me and tickling me too for their bedtime story, lol.

16. Go check out Near Defeat? No, thank you.

18. Where did you grow up?: Combado, Bagay, Daanbatayan, Cebu...

20. What are you wearing?: Grey top and undies, lol.

21. Tattoos?: Im dreaming to have one. I think its cool.

22. Peircings?: Ears, but could do one in my belly button too.

23. Your computer?: Sonny VA10 with DVD player and built-in cam.

24. Your life?: Simple and Blissful

25. Your mood?: Sleepy

26. Missing?: Christmas in Phils with my family crowds.

27. What are you thinking about right now?: My work tomorrow.

28. Your car/truck is?: Car : Mercedes Benz SLR270

30 . Your summer?: Cool and it seldom get very hot.

32. Your favorite colour(s): Black, white, pink, blue and green.

33. When is the last time you laughed?: Today

34 . Last time you cried? Friday at work. I was annoyed by my supervisor telling me off without apparent reason, lol.

36. Last text?: Today my Papa, telling us how he missed us and the kids and also telling us Mama's progress after the operation. Sweet of my Papa, really.

37. Last received call?: A friend in London.

39. Last IM?: Tracy, Sundeep, Abegail, Rosini and my sisters.

40. Last Live: now

41 : Your age: 25 na gyud....soon will be 26...whoooaaaa. Tigols na dong wala na lana, hahahaha.

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