Thursday, 1 November 2007


Last week I was bidding some brand new winter boots shoes in ebay and last night I receive a confirmation email that I won the 3 of it. I was amazed I got 3 pair of winter boots, good quality I thought for just 213 bucks all of the 3. WOW! Its truly a wow, however hubby is not convince that I'm not being ripped-off because he thought it nots originally made of according to its named. But I got it, I got it! There is no turning back, lol. I still can used it though especially this cold days. Its kinda funky which I love the best.

Hubby commented that I could have get a decent pair of that amount. But I dont care its done and I got it and 213 bucks for 3 pair of winter boots is such a good deal, don't you think? Anyway its only shoes but yes 213 is not a small amount but the 3 are all brand new and still on its box. So, there you go, I have it and I'll keep it.

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