Monday, 5 November 2007

Bidvertisers great Offers

I'm sure all of you are familiar about bidvertiser online? Yes a website that offers tons of top quality goodies to bid and now they have these great offers which is giving away $20 dollars worth of coupon and you can used it for anything under their bidvertiser online. I know lots of you who love shopping online and I tell you how good to shop through bidvertiser and there wide selection of branded top quality gears and clothing apparels. Start bidding now but wait before you bid you need to Click Here to Signup as a BidVertiser Referral! and of course once your a member you can start bidding anytime of the day. Ins't it great? Start bidding now at bidvertiser.

BidVertiser now opens the the opportunity for bloggers to join as a referral, and as a unique benefit - a $20 coupon of free clicks is included with every referral account! This coupon can be shared and passed on to anyone - by placing a referral button on the blog, by adding the coupon link to a newsletter or even to an RSS feed

Once you signup as a referral, you get your unique referral link which will give $20 in free clicks to anyone that clicks it, adding great value to your blog as well as being a great benefit to your readers. Referral earnings are tracked online in the referral control panel and payments are made monthly, via PayPal or check, with a minimum of only $10.

If you choose to also activate your publisher account, you will also be able to get access to a new set of referral links that will both give your readers $20 in free clicks and will enable them to advertise directly on your blog via BidVertiser, increasing your earnings even more!mg src="" />

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Jonna Luttrull said...

hi haze pwede ko mo ask about sa bidvertiser,kng unsaon xa pagregister basin mo try sab ko.if ok lng nmu.