Friday, 30 November 2007

Little Tensil Girl

Last night we decided to put our tree up and daddy is the one who made the effort and shopped all the christmas ornaments. He also fixed the christmas lights from last year that seems to be falling apart. My son who were determine to helped while me and our little girl was busy taking pictures and having fun with the tensils. But we also help decorating the tree because thats our job.

A picture above shows what we did of the tensils. I wrapped it all around in Kath's body and head and she loved it too.

To see our tree click here.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Not Well-travelled

This is an exciting tag from Recel and I am not embarrassed to show my result. Although it comes out not good as I haven't been to many places in my own country. Only if I can afford to travel a lot, not just yet maybe when I'm retired. I only been to few places as that was convenient for me. Thanks Recel....

Here's my result as if I did it write, ok. List of places in Philippines I been to;
cebu city, malapascua, moalboal, bohol, panglao, tagbilaran, chocolate hills, hinagdanan cave, batanggas, puerto galera, manila, quezon city, makati, Malabon, Pampangga, Zubic bay, Angelis city, Davao, Cagayan, Camiguin, and thats about it. Planning to go boracay next year in our trip to pina (only if were not stopping in hongkong). Will see...

My Lakbayan grade is D!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Online Backgammon

Do you wanna play backgammon with a website that has the most amazing layouts and easy navigation tools? They you are here in the right place, take a look at and see what I am talking about. The site contains good and friendly buttons tools that if you click it will directed to wherever you want to be. Take note even you dont speak english you can still navigate and play as the sites had a multi-lingual translation tools available. Play backgammon now and you'll have a chance to join in backgammon tournaments and win huge cash of prizes. Once your a player member then you can have an access to nay free downloadable games. So what are you waiting now? Take a hoop and start winning big greens.

Blogs for my Kiddies

I made a blog for kath weeks ago and decided not to mixed it with commercial anymore. I want them to have one blog each and record their daily development for keepsake so when they grow up into teenagers then they can look back at it easily. Know my little girl here and feel free to add her blog to yours.

Of course if Ate got a blog, my boy will have one too. Since I had a domain parking, its about time to used it. I won it from Chikai's b-day games. And Im not sure what to do with until I got this idea of making it into my little boy's place. Take a look at here and the same as kath feel free to link it up. Thank you guys!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Joint Pain Solution

Hubby has been suffering from joint pain lately and he is really in a real state situation whenever his back pain attacks him. He is quite a big man 6ft tall but also has a bigger stomach which I think it relates to the joint pain problem he is suffering recently. I often encouraged him to take a walk right after our meal or perhaps before. We always do it when we thinks its a good day for walking but since winter is here we are kinda lazy because of the cold and freezing days.

On the night his joint pain attack once again he can't sleep and just stay awake all night and taking tons of pills to relieve the pain until in the morning he went to the doctor and the doctor said there is nothing wrong with him only that he needs to do more exercise such as walking and swimming perhaps. Huh? Easy solution however, hubby is not convinced enough and might see for physician specialist like Dr. Gustafson. He does tons of surgery which includes evaluation and accurate diagnosis of joint pain and many more. If you feel joint pain then you know where to consult it.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Scrap Addict Sunday (Learning)

Grandma taught my son how to put the to ring in order from Biggest to smallest. It was a blast during my son's first b-day. Proud grandparents were spoiling him that day, the only day they are allowed to, lol.

Doodled n Curl frame by Katie Pertiet
Glitter Blobs by Scrappony Design
Shotting Star, Flower edge and Adore by Angie Briggs
Staple (agraphes) by Cenzia Loosemore

Busy Life

So many of my friends passed this tag to me but I was not able to grab it directly because of my busy schedules here. As you all know I am working from Friday to monday, so basically weekends does not exist in my diary, lol.


Were you a planned baby?: Definitely yes. I am number 7 of 11 you see. Mama and Papa were trying to have another boy and was disappointed when a little girl came out, hehehe. Not so disappointed actually because they raised me and love until to this day. But I was known as a blacksheep in the family and the "ACE" too. So meaning I was a spoiled brat and I get things my way all the time. So I would not be surprise if one of my kids will do the same, lol. I have to be ready to deal it.

Were you the first?: Nope. I am the lucky 7, like Jose Rizal, lol.


Do you have low self esteem?: Not quite as low as you think, lol.
Do you get depressed about things easily?: Yes and No. There are times I can be totally affected by my emotion and get so down but not for long because I also managed to pork-up easily. But most of the time I am a happy smiling woman who is known as "Bungisngis".

Are you happy right now? Of course. With 2 adorable kids, fairly good life and a kind and loving husband, who wouldn't? No reason to be sad, is there?


Are you comfortable with the way you look?: Not all the times. People who said their comfortable of the way they look must be lying because there are times when you feel ugly too and uncomfortable. Its just normal even celebrity does.

Describe your hair: Straight and Shoulder Length


Do you have a license?: License to buy alcohol? Yes, lol. Driving license in Pinas? Yes also. But here in England? I dont think so.....

Ever been kicked out of a bar?: I been kicked out in Waterfront Casino before. I was already 21 yrs old and they don't believe me even I gave them my Postal Id proving I was at my legal age. It was humiliating that I walked the hotel with hubby head down and refusing to looked up.


Do you prefers indoors or outdoors? When it cold like these days I would prefer indoors but when its warm like summer of course I love outdoors.

Do you like walking in the rain?: Not a big fan of rain but ocassionally I quite like it. I dont like wet and muddy.

Do you like thunderstorms?: Thatss a big "NO" jud.


Are you a vegetarian?: Nope. I can be but I can't because I love fish and litson manok.

Anything you absolutely could eat forever?: Daily food...long as it not porbidden due to health problems or sickness and that specific food could harm or make your illnesses worse. Do you know what I mean?

What is your favorite dessert?: Apple Pie and Custard or Apple crumble and fruit salad too.


Do you want to get married?: Happilly married already and have lived together for 6 yrs now.

Have you ever been in love?: Yes and I am married to that person I am in love to.

Are you in a relationship now?: Yes, for 6 yrs already and wishing for more happy years to come.


1. Where is your cell phone?: Both in my handbag.

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend ?: My husband, thank you very much! Outside talking to his boss.

3. Your hair?: Short and lovin' it.

5. Cheesecake? One of my favourite pudding.

7. Your dream last night?: I was space walking, lol.

8. Your favourite drink?: Mango Juice

9. Car you want?: Bentley and McLaren

10. The room you're in: Sitting room with my laptop with me, lol.

12. Your fears?: Dark and Snakes

13 . Nipple rings?: Sore

14. Who are you hanging out with tonight?: My wonderful kids here bugging me and tickling me too for their bedtime story, lol.

16. Go check out Near Defeat? No, thank you.

18. Where did you grow up?: Combado, Bagay, Daanbatayan, Cebu...

20. What are you wearing?: Grey top and undies, lol.

21. Tattoos?: Im dreaming to have one. I think its cool.

22. Peircings?: Ears, but could do one in my belly button too.

23. Your computer?: Sonny VA10 with DVD player and built-in cam.

24. Your life?: Simple and Blissful

25. Your mood?: Sleepy

26. Missing?: Christmas in Phils with my family crowds.

27. What are you thinking about right now?: My work tomorrow.

28. Your car/truck is?: Car : Mercedes Benz SLR270

30 . Your summer?: Cool and it seldom get very hot.

32. Your favorite colour(s): Black, white, pink, blue and green.

33. When is the last time you laughed?: Today

34 . Last time you cried? Friday at work. I was annoyed by my supervisor telling me off without apparent reason, lol.

36. Last text?: Today my Papa, telling us how he missed us and the kids and also telling us Mama's progress after the operation. Sweet of my Papa, really.

37. Last received call?: A friend in London.

39. Last IM?: Tracy, Sundeep, Abegail, Rosini and my sisters.

40. Last Live: now

41 : Your age: 25 na gyud....soon will be 26...whoooaaaa. Tigols na dong wala na lana, hahahaha.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Get one Now

Credit card is now becoming more useful and trendy. Most friends I know are depending on it. I love credit although I dont used it often unless its for emergency when I run out of cash. Anyhow I find it very useful and so others. But do you where to apply for a credit card? You must pick a good rates of interest and credits that is 0 percent bank transfer in the first 12 months or so. The lower rates you can get the better. So, I suggest you go check out of the cheaper rates they can offer you.

Friday, 23 November 2007

It so Nice to be happy..shalalalala

You Are Very Happy

Your life is totally together, and you enjoy every day.
And you don't need a quiz to tell you that!
You know how to find pleasure in the little things...
And even when life isn't so great, you have a good sense of perspective.

Yupp! Definitely happy for so many reasons. Even when I am sad I am happy, whoooa. Does it make sense, lol. Yes I always intend to find ways to entertain myself not to think even to the midst of trials. Problem is not reason to be sad and I embrace every trials that comes my way.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Supossed to be my Header

This is what keeps me occupied today by making headers to this blog and end up liking this one very much, unfortunately I can't be able to apply on this template so therefore I am going to look for another possible template that will let me customise my header. I so love this layout because its very pleasant to my eyes actually but I just think it would look better with a personalise header.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sentimental Display

Good news to all becoming a parents who will have a baby or just had a baby, if you are keen to let people know about your new birth of your angel you should get or order this Sentimental Displays available online. You can either have a little footprints in the shirt or in a frame, be it souvenir of give aways or wear it after the birth just for an annoucement to friends and families. If you fancy having a handprints you can do that as well or just simply a souvenir from your newborn. There is also a sentimental in spanish so you better look for it.

New Pic of my New Haircut

This was taken on Sunday the 18 of November 2007 during our dinner in Pizza Hut in the town. Nothing special about my hair cut as I only cut it myself, if you can see its not level its because I cut my very own hair. It saves money as saloon is only a treat once in a while and I am thinking to have it done properly in my birthday next year after new year, whoooaaaa. I need to save money first, lol.

Me, myself and I

Solutions of Bad Credit Mortgages

I often say this of how lucky people who live in here or any particular countries who offers a good mortgage so that people can buy houses and etc. Here in UK people depends on mortgages of buying houses. Even to the extend people who can literally afford buying it on cash but still they prefers having mortgage when buying properties. That is one good thing here because there no people who live in the street that I can see. No matter how poor they are they still have a good shelter to live and be safe unlike the country where I grew up that tons of families are houseless and live in a sidewalk including little kids, infants and toddlers and its a heartbreaking at the same time frustrating because I know that government can do something about it.

I been living here in England for nearly 3 yrs now and not even once I see people sleeping in the sidewalk or beg you for money or food. Its because here no matter how bad credit mortgages you have there is always a solution or a helping hand that is willing to sort your debts out from skints to stand up to your own feet. Like berkleyvittoria for instance. The company is sole solutions to debt matters problem in the country and are willing and able to give advices, help and even offer a cheap mortgages for you to buy a house and start a new life even you are in debts but it doesn't matter as their aim is to help you. Check out their website for future ref. here at now.

Winter is Drawing Near

On sunday we went dining out to Pizza hut. It was snowing for the first in the year although it was not heavy and showing much as it was somewhat we called a "sleet" snow flakes which dont settle very long unless it rain overnight then might be. But it didn't only notice it when were driving along the motorway. Anyhow as usual our autumn here is very cold as expected to be, whoooooooa. I hate it. So here's a picture of my kids walking on the way to our car, full and bloated as they ate too much food plus ice cream, lol. As you can see their both wrapped-up already.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Travel World

Same as other cold countries UK is now getting dark as early as 4:30 pm. Its really depressing this kind of weather. I wish I have motorhomes to be able to take a weekend getaway to spain or any other tropical countries here in Europe or carribean. I so much wanted to escape these bad and gloomy days. I want a bright sun with a blue sky. All I need is an RV probably but when I think I could own one, I dont know? I dream to go to spain or portugal for a while now. If hubby just bought us a motorhomes it would have been easier as we can just ask for help from travelworld to fulfill these little dreams of mine. What about you? Would like to get out of these cold weather? Where would you like to go? I bet you would go for something tropical too, yeah? Many of us do.

My Short Hair

So here's my new look, take right after cutting it.

The last time I had short haird was 4 yrs ago. I had long hair since then but now was bored about it and decided to cut it up to shoulder level. Now it feels so much lighter. I finally done it after 4 yrs growing it long but had it trim by an inches or so then now to shorter. I cut about half way length of my hair. It will grow again before I know it.

Solutions Ecommerce

Today, for your business to be progressive and work well for you, you have to know whats the secret about it. Like if you become an online merchant or build a store online then you've got to have a shopping cart, an Ecommerce Software from network solutions. If you have Shopping Cart Software thenr customer safety are secured. They sure would like to shop at your store again and again, unlike others doesn't or don;t give a toss whether their customers are happy enough. Network solutions is leading provider of shopping cart software and once you order it, there is no installation required as simple as that.

So, now if you are planning a shop online, make sure the first thing you do is buying shopping cart. Order it at network solutions as they offer a 24/7 service and shipping is free too. Once you shopping cart then your business will be shooting up and sure atttracts many customers. But only if you have the fast and easy software that serves the shopping. In networksolutions is where you can get a good superfast shopping cart with less time processing during checking out and will do serve good to online customers. So check out netsoluionts now.

Scrapping Addict Sunday (We did it)

My layout this sunday (scrap addict). Sorry guys I was kinda busy for the previous weekends. Got to catch up from now on.

By the way, this picture was taken during my first and last dragon fury rides. At last me and Abe did it. I was petrified and promised myself won't do a rides as scary as this rides anymore. I was so relief when it was done, lol.

Staple & Pin by Kit Grazi
Clothed Ribbon by Amy M
Riveting Ribbons by Nancy Comelab
Alpha's Groupies by Jeann Jeann
Rope, Buttons, ribbons, flowers and frames by Mellanie Ann
Blue Grunge paper by digiscraps frebbies
Tape measure / clock by Seeing Stars

Great Tourist Destinations

I was only 18 when I had a close friend who went to Amsterdam for 3 months as a tourist. She had a friend who pays everything from her luggage, flights and accomodation. While she was in the city she rang me many times like twice a day just to tell me how beautiful the Amsterdam is and great attractions such as Canals, van Gough Museum, Dam square and more. I was like "WOW" even if only I heard it through a friend who were very excited of her first international trip. It was here dream to step the never fadeless beauty amsterdam.

Now I am only an hour flight to Amsterdam. Is that close, yeah? But never I been there for papers reason as we are waiting until I get naturalise. When is that then? No one knows, lol. Anyway if any of you wanted to see the massive tulips garden of Amsterdam then you should go by summer. And time flies, right? Shouldn't you book a hotel first or flight rather? Check out this Amsterdam hotels now? As I know they have a all year great cheaper deals. If not then on few days before your trip you can just used their last minute deal as well.

Since you are in part of Europe why just made a tour of some neighboring cities? Such as Greece, Prague, Athens and more. There are tons to see in these places and its worth a visit. Have you seen their wonderful attractions? The Temple of Olympus, Ancient Agora, Acropolis and the likes? . Check out info's here. Also if you want to book for Athen's hotels then do it in cheaperthanhotels as they have offers so many cheap deals all the time.

Furthermore, any Island touring, historical sites and museums that your keen to go to then I suggest in Greece is the best place for that kind of thing. Make sure to read this guide and information and think of the best place to stay. Try to come across greece hotels? I am sure there will be loads of choices with such an affordable prices too.

I bet you will stop by in Prague, dont' you? I know how beautiful is the place is though I haven't been there but I've heard enough from people who's been going back and fourth to the place. All have good comments about it and it makes me more anxious to the place. So if you happen or planning to stop by in Prague then you should stay one of their best Prague Hotels and affordable and that can be found in, they sure wont let you down. Hope you'll enjoy the Prague attractions such as Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and more and fore additional details click here..... Happy trip!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

New haircut

Today I decided to shorten my hair since its winter, its hard to dry as I hate using dryer because it will damage my hair. I am also bored of my long hair and feeling so heavy when I can't wash for a day. Its now up to shoulder length only which is really nice and I love it. Its not so heavy anymore.
This is how long I cut it.....

Want an Emphasise Body?

If you are unhappy of your body shapes or any parts of the body that your want to be done specifically then you go contact Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon because as far as I know they are very good about this kind of cosmetic surgery thingy. I remember a friend of mine who happen to dislike her nose and she went to japan for a noje job and when she come back I was shocked of the result because it looks like it get worst. I mean it looks like it swellen, Im not sure. I bet it she was not paying a good surgeon. If I have given a choice to change one part of me it would be my heigt, lol. I wanted so bad to be a little bit taller than 5'2. But I am afraid there is no easy solution for this height problem yet. If only I knew that I end a short bum I would have eaten loads of vegetable when I was young, lol.

Anyway, talking of being unhappy for some parts of our body make us feel insecure such a excess skins, feeling blobby for instance then Beverly Hills liposuction is now offering a great service of sucking out that excess fat of your body and help you get the body size in your dream. If not contented then you must also try
California Tummy tuck to tighten up your abs. It does help boost your confindence after the surgery. Many people had been happily secured after choosing to underwent surgeries.

If only hubby had a problem of my looks I would definitely do anyting to make him happy. I am just lucky that he loves everything about me even I often asked him that I would consider doing nose job as I hate my broaded wide nose. But he said it is just perfectly given to me therefore I should just be contented and thankful. But if you guys thinks that surgery makes you happy then do it because to become beautiful these days is optional. If you got the money then I would say go for it. Rodeodrive will give you the best service ever plus their clinic is so tidy and clean, you can feel like home too. Professional surgeons and more than qualified to give you the best surgery service you could possibly imagine. You'll be all smiling right after surgery.

Mum's Operation Sched

is finally today philippines time at 10 am. I did rang my sister soon after I receive a text from her. I am relief at last my mum's pain will soon be over. After the operation she'll have a follow-up check to see if any lumps inside besides the swellen one. I can't wait to hear tomorrow the result. Right now I'll have to go to sleep. Thanks everyone for peeking and taking a glimpse here in my site.

Happy Sunday to all and God Bless! Thanks for the prayers too.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Fancy To Date a Goth?

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Demonic Face

Can you guess who is this? Then tell me? I'll give you a kiss if you guess it right, hehehehehe. It was taken last saturday in Funfair!!!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Holiday Apartments

In all our holidays we never stayed once in a hotel. Its because we are a family of four plus we have some extended family who would like to come over and spend time with the kids just like my parents for instance and in the hotel it could not be allowed. That is why Holiday Apartments is our always first choice, its cheaper, affordable and spacious. Some apartments for two bedrooms with kitchen and lounge and you can feel at home too. It way also way cheaper tha hotels plus you could have your privacy. You can cook your own meals and even you can accept many visitors as you can.

That is why when we have our holiday to philippines we always stay in an apartment. We always get a 2 to 3 bedroom with kitchen and sitting room for the visitors to relax and enjoy. Bare in mind I have a huge family and tons of nieces and nephew so staying in apartment during our visits to Philippines is an ideal. We save money, we spend time with family and enjoy cooking in our kitchen and great privacy. Its feels like you are at your own home. Holiday apartment are becoming more and more popular these days even up here in England most people will go for a weekend getaway they always talk about getting an apertment for a week or the whole holidays. Its way cheaper than hotels really.


Tire and exhausted right now. Can't think of anyting to post even my commercial entries. My brain and my body is tired. I am pissed and frustrated, I guess you know why? Its not easy for me since I am far away and couldn't do anything about it. How I wish we are all treated the same way, whether rich or poor, brown, black or white. Why can't it happen?


Finding the right projector is not easy as you might think. Yes, its undeniably true that there is thousand of projector available on the market these days but do you know which one is the right for your room or office? That is why reflex help people how to choose the best projector that you possibly have. If I would have to choose I would go for the best one and to know which is which is simply recognising the brightness, high resolution, weight matters and the how much it cost. For instance I will have a dark office room so I would go for the brighter one but not too bright either. However, the brighter the projector the most it cost you, too.

Projector is really good for an office point of view. Why? Its because it can be very useful when there is some demonstration to be done. It would really change the whole look of the office. And of course to complete the whole office projector it must come with an Audio Visual Equipment Installations too. A Fixed Installation Projectors would be my choice because its geared towards in presenting or conference office meeting room or large venues where features and value are the highest priorities.

They typically tend to be installed in a fixed location hanging from a projector ceiling mount. I think this will be an ideal for an office. It will be also useful where there is some ongoing demonstration. So if you guys are looking for the ultimate home cinema projector or even an office one then reflex have a widest range that is designed to offer excellent video picture quality, video-specific features and value for money too. They offer projectors with high contrast and colour accuracy plus an extended warranties as well. Reflex is the only name you can trust when it comes to the best projector available. So why not hoop in now to

Reasons Why I hate Philippines Sometimes

I sent the money for my mum's operation soon after I got the call from them. It was about $1500 as what the doctors said however, soon as they got the money they went to the doctor straight away and my mum were disappointed when the doctor said that they the advance price was not right so it's not 85,000 peso but its 130,000 peso. What really pisses me off is why would they wait until the money is complete they could have just start the operation so my mum would not suffer the pain anymore, its not that we dont want to pay it. Its not even our faulth that the money is lacking as they told as wrong estimation early on. Our way of sending money is via wiring (western union), and we already reached our minimum of sending out money. It should be illegal for doctors to refused the operation when is really badly needed. I'll probably will have to send it bank-to-bank which it takes day or at least 24 hours to get it through. I am not sure if I could. I'll do what I can for my mum. Philippines laws, medicals, hospitals does really sucks.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

My Parents Deserve the Best Care

It will get to to the time that my parents won't be able to take care of theirself's and as their daughter I wanted the best nursing home for them. I am saving up money now so when times come I could give and provide them the best caring aid as possible. They are the best parents in the whole wide world and its just right to give them the best care that I think they deserve. I have been searching on possible care homes on which of course I will consider the best for my beloved parents. I found the bettercaring and I like what they stated in their website.

Of course who wouldn't want to make sure that our parents is on the best care home? That we knew they are being look after properly even without our presence. Elders do deserve best nursing home who are compassionate and better environment for them be not feeling so lonely and left-out. You can visit them regularly too. They ahve their well-provided privacy so the best so far. I am happy to put my parents in when they are old enough to be help look after.

Does Curly Hairs Get Jealous Often

I was watching a program on TV but I think it was only a myth which is not real or just a non-sense, lol. They said that people who have curly hair often get jealous. Would you believe it? M y daughter has a wavy hair but this one I curl her hair only. It taken ages ago when she was about 3 and a half yrs old. She love having curly hair, too. I think she looks good on curls.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Best Mortgage brokers

We had saved up a little bit so we could get a low mortgage but right now I am not gonna hope for it since we need our savings for my Mum's hospital bills. I might just as well tell hubby to for 100% Mortgages Ireland to buy the house we need. Its just that we need the cash more than anything esle to save my mum. I dont mind having huge mortgage for I know we can pay it off monthly. Just in time I found this mortgagebrokers from Ireland company who offers a low interest mortgage so it'll be handy for us. I am not too happy but just a little relief for this mortgage brokers to help us out.

Sad News

My mum had a bloated breast and the doctor recommend that she undergo some operation as soon as possible before its too late. She had this breast lump ages ago since when I was a baby and she just carry it on until now it has infected and caused an abcess which might danger her. I got a call from my sister and told me about the operation sched as soon as possible so I have to help of course financially and for me its just a money and I am more than willing to pay how much it cost just to save my mum. Thats the important thing for me right now. I am so worried right now and praying that it will be a successful operation. Will keep posted. Include us in your prayers guys. Its greatly appreciated. Thank you.....

Online Pharmacies

I am worried right now because my parents seems to be not in good form but only the almighty knows whats the future awaits. If only they were educated enough to take a healthy diet it would have been easier to maintain their helth. I know many people who weight concious and that can affect their self-esteem. Not just specific health problems but in general. Just like maintaining the prefect sized and weight not to get obess, I know a perfect solution for that which is the meridia , the medicne itself helps your weight maintenance.

Here are some proof I copied from the website....

*Meridia affects chemicals in the body that are related to weight maintenance. *Meridia is used as a short-term supplement to diet and exercise in the treatment of obesity.
*Meridia may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

Here are some features from the website,a customer forum where you can chat other satisfied users and share experienced. An online pharmacy news, a blacklist of online pharmacies and many more...

Oooh, not to mention a recommendations for choosing the best online pharmacy and some useful information for patients with excess weight. Last but not least an Information about Phentermine alternatives. Isn't it very informative and helpful site? So what are you waiting? Go and check it it now.

Mother and Daughter

What is great about having a daughter is you can share similar likes and stuff such as shopping and photography. Me and my daughter have lots of similarities. Only that sometimes can be a madame and always give me orders and to the extent correct my grammar, lol. This picture was taken on Halloween nights before we dressed-up. Daddy bought us toffee apples one each and my poor haven't got any so before he see's it we took picture then hide to our rooms and eat our toffee. It was only a treat for girls and not for boys since they were not behave like us, hehehe. I already posted this pic on my other blog with the credit on my layouts. This the fun of motherhood the kids and taking pictures endlessly.

Monday, 12 November 2007

How to buy a Business

Buying a business is not an easy job at all especially when you need to check everything if it is in the right order. I am no business woman myself but I always read any interesting article in which I will be able to understand about business. I watch this dragons den program every night because its all about How to Buy a Business. The dragons are known to be a dragons because they are famous for being successful in business in which they are buying or investing to other new business icon on the market. Just like donald trumps organisation that is now know to be the biggest in the business field industry. Donalds way of buying business are way too clever and that is why whenever he buy and invest he'll sure get his money back shortly. So if I were to buy a business I should know and learn like the way donald trumps buy businesses.

Take a look of this tips;

~ Choosing a business that is just right for you

~ Getting the current owner to finance the deal

~ Identifying any problems before you buy

~ Putting together a great deal

~ Avoiding the traps inexperienced buyers make


Wehey, monday night here already. Done my work for the week and looking forward for my days-off. Sorry guys for I am not able to visit you every weekends because I am actually working friday, saturday, sunday and monday. So I am kinda busy of my work. Never mind tommorow till thursday are my days-off so meaning I can relax and blog to my heart content and of course visit all my bloggers friends too. I'll pay what I owe, alright. Thanks for all the visits guys and leaving tags and comments, too. I heart you all.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Get a Loan Quotes

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New Social Media Site

Bloggers has grown rapidly and I am one of them. It seems my life is not complete without blogging and using computers and etc. I read news daily, events, entertainment, and all sort of Social Media and bookmarking. Tonight I find this new site the where I can minggles lots of computer users as well as bloggers and read the daily updates in the world of social media's. Its ideally for anyone who are interested to become part of their socialising and bookmarking.

As far I know you can even win bucks once you are a member you get the chance to win their content. Here's the contest links check it out, now. Who knows the luck will be yours. You can submit as many entries as you like and for that you'll big chances to win $$. Its basically a new fun and entertaining site where its all about social networking, social media and bookmarking. You can benifits from it too especially if you've got a business, it helps you to progress.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

How I wish!

How I wish to own this kind of rides. Huh? Am I dreaming too much? I certainly cannot afford this cars, not in a million dreams. Not until I win the lottery or kill a rich japanese man, lol.

Less Hassle Cash Needs

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If you think you haven't enough cash this holiday season then this is the right timing for you to know about this loan without fax required. So do not worry your christmas shopping money will be right their in your account tomorrow. So apply payday loans today.

Opps... Expired

Too many opps from different organisation but I have prioritised PPP since the rised of pagerank. Now that is back to normal, I mean pagerank has now decreased, you may have noticed already I start checking and paying attention to others sites and one fo them is blogitive. I just realised I accepted an offers 2 nights ago and now I was thinking of posting an entry about it I was surprised that it has already expired. What the heck! I forgot that they only give us 48 hours allowance to make the entry and it has over 48 hours I guess.

Yes 10 bucks went to the bin tonight, huh! Anyhow I still have 8 opps from sponsored reviews to do and 2 from smorty, also 3 from blogsvertise. I also need to get some good night sleep because tomorrow I'll be working from 9 to 5 pm which is unusual hours for me and so Sunday. Busy, busy, busy! Monday I am working too but not long hours as my weekends. Pretty tiring actually, that is why I am always loooking forward every tuesday, wednesday and thursday my only days-off from work, lol. Not that I can just relax and chill. Bare in mind I have a very disruptive son who know nothing but break stuff. I hope Santa will send me a helper next year, I wish, I wish.

Earn while you Blog

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Friday, 9 November 2007

Innocence of a Woman

Another favourite poem of mine. If you read through you'll understand why. I really love the content and I'm sure you will, too.

Innocence of a Woman
by Cooper

Things have changed forever more.
Time has stood still.
No longer am I the little girl that I used to be.
The memories will remain close in my heart, but the Innocence is gone forever.
Through time, marriage and children, so much knowledge has been gained.
And yet so many questions still remain.

Will the answers ever unfold?
Attitude and thoughts are now conceived so differently.
Who are the real friends, and who are the real enemies?
Who and what are the real priorities?
Will you still lose yourself trying to do for everyone else?

I think not, the most valuable lesson you have learned,
Your soul needs nourishing too.
But which path you take to do so, only you can decide.
The impact may be great, but I shall stay strong.
I now carry myself in a different way.
Some say for good, others say for worse.
But as long as I know and remember my reflections of yesterday,
Then I am the one who will say.

Emotions are so high, and so low, and in between,
I run fast, and chase them all day.
Never really knowing which one will be caught.
At this point and time in my life, I have certainly been put to the test,
But I can still try to do my very best.
There are still thoughts that I hold on to,
I still have my angels guiding me safely.
And I know that there will always be a rainbow after the storm,
And that tomorrow will be a different day, beginning with a new sunrise.
And with each person that has true passion and unconditional love for me,
Will remain by my side to help catch me if I shall fall or call.

Through all the changes that have taken place,
I know I still have my saving Grace.
I shall be aware, and hopefully better prepared for the years ahead.
They also will bring more change.
Is that not what time is suppose to do?
But I shall survive even if the little girl has vanished,
I can still reflect back on my wonderful memories.
After all if it were not for her, I could not be the woman I am today.
Even though her voice will always haunt me,

Now is the time, to say goodbye to the Innocence of my childhood,
And really concentrate and savor the Innocence of my womanhood.

Property in North Cyprus

England is getting too expensive country to live in and a high cost of good education, housing. What more is the law and order is goind down and also the taxes are rapidly shooting high. However hubby won't leave this place because of the opportunity for our kids nevertheless, investing somewhere else is one of our big plan. We might look up the North Cyprus Property and perhaps save up and buy one property over there for us to have an alternative living in the future. I hear that aboyr Kyrenia being the most popular area for expatriate homes. Not onle english is widely spoken as well the locals are friendly, and the cost of living is probably the lowest in the region. Ideally we would love to live there now but it requires us a big savings to start too. So sometine next year we might be able to invest on property in North Cyprus.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Strange looking Car

This car I find strange because of its shape. Bizzarely, many people was looking at it and very appreciative. My first time to see this kind of car, old and classic. Its relatively small and hardly could fit two person in it.

Seems my sons have an eye on this car, lol. He might want one when he's big, lol.

Good Deal of Lenses

Few months ago hubby had his eye check and the shop charge as £15 for the check-up but it should have been free if we purchased their lenses as well but since it was way too expensive we didn't get one and instead we prefer to pay the eye check charged. Up to now we are still looking a great deals on lenses and just today I happen to research many things online and I stumble upon this website that sells contact lenses . I am browsing at it and their catalog shows many top quality lenses that I possibly could think for just as low as it stated.

They have these great offers as well in which you can have free dilivery once you spend over £60 this month, isnt' it great? I am getting anxious to tell hubby about what I've found, can't wait. There are tons of great lenses selection from Acuvue, Focus, among others. You can browse their catalog to see all of these great selection plus its cheap and affordable. Who wouldn't a lenses that is cheap as theirs. Hubby would surely buy more than one to take advantage of this offer. He'll be laughing for this price. Its really a good deal of lenses.

Terrible Back Pain

This week I am pretty much not doing anything apart from bloggin all day. That is why I got this terrible back pain now which I think the result of sitting the computer too much. I need a rest and just lay down and forget the blogging world and earning, blahh, blahh, lol. Now I am suffering this pain and I could end up injured and that would cost more than I earn. How aweful it would be.


This morning I got the internet broadband bills and gosh its a shocking to see how much we owe. Its not even fast our connection and the telephone can be sometimes unclear and completely no coverage, how can it be? They services is not that good like the last time we phone them for some connection problems need fixing on their end they even charge us for that. How cheeky? Now I told hubby that we should get this Voip connection for just as low as $19.95/mo plus it has unlimited calls to canada and puerto rico so it means I can phone my cousin who live in Vancouver for free. This is great connection with unlimited home phone service. I definitely have to change ours soon.

Bye,bye Hat!

This is my hat I bought from Marks and Spencer not so long ago, about few weeks ago. Last Sunday where we had Kath's b-day party with family I wore this hat but unfortunately my niece Polly (the girl in the picture) fell in love with my hat and she begged me if she could have it. Then a soft-hearted me say "YES" no matter how much I love it, lol. I told hubby that he needs to buy me a new one that is exactly the same as this but when he was looking at the Marks online there ain't one the same, how disappointed? Oooh well there you go ,such a life!

About Nazareth

I bet many of you are familiar and knows exactly about the nazareth history, didn't you? I know about it when I was only a little child since were being taught from the church and school as well my parents taugh us too. From reading the bible and the story of jesus, then we should all know about it. Just as you all know that about the big cross in nazareth jerusalem are now asking your donations and support to keep this big cross still. It is the wolrd largest cross and is in need of caring. So if you happen to come across and wanted to support then just click the site given above.

Car Rental in Israel

If you plan a trip to Israel it is wide that you should hire a car of your own so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday without worrying of the transport. You can start your day anytime and can finish anytime too. And the best place for Car Rental in Israel is just right here. Clich this link and it will guide you to the website itself in which you will see the car rental available. Take a peek now and compare prices.

A Siblings Love

I love this poem and thought of sharing it...I am just missing my sisters and brothers that is why I am being emote this night, lol. Hope you'll like it. This is a poem by Terri...

~ A Siblings Love ~

If I could turn back the hands of time,
I'd relive our childhood years.
The days when we shared a home,
a time when you both were always near.

A siblings love is so very different,
the safety of knowing your not alone.
The sibling jokes, the rivalry, the fights,
the "get away and leave me alone's"

If I could turn back the hands of time,
and know what I know now.
I'd tell you that I love you and,
hold you close and never let go.

Time goes by and we grow up,
we go our separate ways.
But, the love we share will always be there,
the memories are here forever to stay.

The fights over toys,
The nights we got scared,
and climbed into each others beds.

The rainy days we spent inside,
the Christmas mornings.
The school yard fights,
The girlfriends and boyfriends I didn't like.

I hope you know I never left you,
my precious brother and sister...
not for a moment were you alone.

A siblings love is so very different,
the closeness is always there.
the person you grew up with,
the One you knew always cared.

You take for granted this kinder love,
the security that you have.
you are never ready to say good-bye,
you want them to always be there.

I miss you my ~Angels ~
and nothing is the same.
The days seem never ending,
I wish this pain would go away.

I don't know if I just can't see it,
because I'm so blinded by this Grief.
Or is it just denial and I think,
you'll come back to me someday.

I never expected to so good-bye,
so early in our lives.
We had so much to talk about,
so much to share...
it just doesn't seem fair.

I love you my ~ angels ~
I love you with all my being.
I miss you ~Johnny ~ and ~ Stephanie ~
I miss you more than anyone can see.

Your voices ring in my ears,
your images drift into my dreams.
Don't let this be good-bye my ~angels ~
Don't leave me all alone.

Best Nursing Home

Do you wish to find a better nursing homes for loved ones, family or friends? The place where it provides the better caring, neat, and clean services then you founf the right place, try Its one of the few great places for nursing elders, or anyone who needed the best care. What makes it even better is they provide a community forum that allows users to discuss their own experiences within the care system, so if you read through you'll know that the place have the best caring services.

So this will be a perfect choice for you anyone in you family that needs caring. It is the best place to be and trust their great services and compassionate caring to elderly. You can also look at the better caring options so that you can organise the right kind of care for your love ones. This has the real care compassion that will help elders to be active daily and give them the best care they needs.

5 Things that Annoys Me

Tag from Francine....thanks day....!

Here's my answers....

1) Too much clothes to iron. Ooooh I so hate ironing but no choice had to do it, no one would, hehehehehe.

2) Slow internet connection just like tonight I had to wait 30 seconds to 1 minute after refreshing my PPP page, lol.

3) When my enzomia attack me.

4) Late Upload of Marimar episode, I can't wait to know what's happen next.

5) People on my YM keep buzzing me, hate it.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Australian Credit Card

Looking for the best credit cards services is not easy especially when your credit is limited. But Australian credit card services is now here to help provide you the best online credit cards application where you can Compare Credit Cards before picking the rates. It is somehow helpful and easy for applicants and browsing is such an easy thing on their website as they have a well-navigated tools. So now its easy for us to find the best credit cards we needs and will suit us. Just type and start your search where you can be able to compare prices and rates. Isn't it a good deal?

Classic Car's Show

On Saturday we went to see the classic car show from London to brighton. It's just fascinating to know this old cars that was built earlier 1900's and its amazing that up to now its still running and some of them are unrestored or nothing are being changed.

This car is a 1903's model and the owner never touched anything to changed its look. Everything on this car was original. They just look after it properly.

This car is quite expensive and more or less price will be about £100,000. I was just taken this day of how many classic cars I've seen on live and its really cool.

This one is I am unsure of its name its kinda difficult, that is why I forgot lol. but pretty sure this cost you fortune if you wanted one, too. Shape wise a bit strange for me but there were few people were taken away of this car and one of that was my son, lol. Look at the side view of the car below;

Doesn't it looks like a boat? [LAUGH]....Anyway there are some more different cars but will post it amongs of my 6 blogs for filters and perhaps my next entries here.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Social Networking to Win Prizes

A great new is here! A new website for Social Media, Social Networking is now lanching this great chance to win $$ and this is in fact true. I am just reading this faq and services on how to win because I fancy of sending many entries as I can. Why wouldn't I if this is my chance to win big bucks for this christmas, wow!

This is not only about winning the prizes what makes this website exciting is you can learn how to social bookmarking and to increase traffic and readers too. Favourites this website for future reference as they will be updating a social networking everyday and this is our chance to learn and be progressive. Check out this amazing contest too as they are running a big promotion which can earn you big bucks. Chances are here, send many comments as you could because the more entries the more are your chances to win.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Stefanni look-a-like

My daughter birthday was today. But yesterday she had her party with the families only. She was very happy to get this pink wigg from Auntie Victoria as she admires steffani a lot of "Lazytown" kids program. She put it on without a second thought and thought how beautiful she is. She is a happy birthday girl indeed.

Happy Birthday Sweetie, we love you!

Thanks to all who greeted, it was all appreciated as well as thanks for peeking me here.