Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A "Young" Me

A tag from In2x....picture when I was a little child and growing-up. I didn't have much picture of me when I was little because it was all left in the Philippines in my parents album that they're keeping for a famiyl history. Only brought few with and sadly one when I was 10 yrs old and most when I am already teenager and adolescene's period, lol. So here it is.....

when I was 10 yrs old

nearly 18 yrs old

In my bedroom nearly 19

Did you notice that I am just the typical teenager who is very rebellious, heheehe. Btw, notice of my posters? One of them is Britney and Thalia they are my idol but sadly britney is now mad and crazy so she is no-longer my idol, lol. Thalia is my forever Idol jud, the others are the boyband I used to liked.

Me,little sister nova and two close friend (tracy and jojo)

His beard, eyes, smile and height were the thing that attracts me the most. You know why? Because of my idol Ewan Mcgregor who starred in Starwars triology has a beard, lol. Hubby does look similar to him, according to my eyes, hehehehehehe.


Rissa said...

sus ang mga pusod o, haha! wala jud tawon ko ana ba. bitaw oi, nice pics Haze. gwapa au ka. for sure kana imo lil girl gwapa sad kaau inig madalaga pareha ni mommy.

jennyL said...

grabe ka sexy naman.. at naku po ang mga pusod ng mga girls.. d kaya sila sikmurain hehe jokes lang po

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Strict kaayo si papa before so no pakita sa pusod hehehe..
Pretty girls!