Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Romantic Experienced

The most romantic experienced I ever had in my life is when the day my husband proposed to me. When he kneels down to ask me if I would marry him is absolutely breathtaking moments. I didn't cry of course because I made it funny instead. I grab the ring first and try it on before I gave him a chanced to say what is meant to say, lol. Then the ring got stock on my finger then we can't take it off so what he did is say tha magic words with the ring already in finger, hehehehe. It is quite romantic and a little bit funny.

Hubby is truly God sent to me and because of him I changed a lot and become a better person inside. He is very romantic and gentleman. I remember the earlier days of our courting he used to bring me flowers and food every early morning. He was really was persevere and determined until he won my heart. Now we are still happy after being together of over 5 yrs. It is just the matter of trust to keep the relationship strong. Trust is the fundamental of marriage life and I learn to trust him as much as he trust me. A Romance Novels is a good source of learning how to deal a good relationship. I am one big fan of reading romance novels before when I was still teenager and until now if I have time. Through romance novels I get some tips on how to trust your partner completely. If you really love someone you will trust them these will go together.

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