Saturday, 27 October 2007

The Rising of Blogs PageRanks

I notice last night that all my blogs has now a PR, I dont believe it yet, I'm confused and how it happened? My bravejournal is now PR4, unbelievable I dont know if its true or not. Is it? But this blog remains PR2 so it makes me wonder whats going on with Google? I think google is confused or what? I dont want to believe it yet because I dont want to get disappointed later on when its gone down to PR-0 again. Whatever the google thinks, it would be nice if what I see is right.


Tere said...

Hello Haze! I read other bloggers complain about their Google rankings but on my part I am so happy coz now my 2 blogs are PR4 and one is PR3. Hope this issue will be resolved for those whose ranks went down. I hope I won;t experience that later on.

Haze, I have an award for you at my Journey in Life blog. See you there! Take care always! :)

Agring said...

I never understand it either so I have no idea how it works. Congrats sa imo PR4.