Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Ready For a Slide?

Ready, steady, GO! Wheeeeeee.......! My kids just simply love this simple entertainment, a slide. When we go to park they always end up playing more time in the slide. Both of them no matter how many choices on the park are available slide has been always the winner. I think its just easy and simple that there is no need for the parents to help them as they can manage to do without. Unlike the swing or any other fun thingy that needs parents to help them. Just a simple day yet full of fun!

1 comment:

Ivy Sterling said...

happy halloween gwaps..asa akong treat? ahehhe

niways ana gyud cguro ni ang mga bata gwaps mas hilig sila ug slide..kay ako pag umangkon sad sa slide sad gyud mo deritcho basta dad-on namo sa park..adto ra ba gyud sa slide na para sa dagko.