Sunday, 7 October 2007

One of the Place I have dream to Visit

is Australia......I think every one who haven't been there is also dreaming like me and one day I will make it to Australia. I just need to save up for it and be prepared for its gonna cost us all to go. Of course hotels won't be a problem because I can just get a cheaper rates in Sydney hotels since this is the first place in Australia we're going to visit one's and for all.

Looking through the opera house photos and hearing from people who've been there how beautiful is the sydney harbour is enough to make me want to go there soon as possible. How I wish really. But if one day we can make it to Australia then we would pick the best accomodation that can cater all our needs and also must be in the centre fo all the leisures, attractions, sites and etc.

Australia is such a beautiful country and all the cities within. I wanted to stop to brisbane too as it is frequently voted as one of the best places to live in the world, Brisbane is one of the wealthiest, fastest-growing cities in Australia. The weather is divine, the cultural precincts are world-class and the economy is roaring on the back of real estate and mining booms. is your guide to living, moving and holidaying in this great city and find the best brisbane hotels through this site.

Not only Brisbane and Sydney I want to visit of course when I'm talking about Australia I want to tour the whole cities if possible and that includes melbourne. I see through online how great the city is and lot of hotels to choose. In you can get a cheaper accomodation with all the free extras such as breakfast, free meal plus you can freely use all the ammenities within the hotels. Isn't it fantastic? So check out melbourne hotels and see what offer you could get.

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♥Shabem®♥ said...

Australia is a beautiful country too. Love to visit.