Monday, 1 October 2007

Metal Cabinets for Garage

Since we are planning to refurbish our garage I suggested to hubby that maybe we could used one of this metal cabinets to stop this slugs and bugs eating our stuff and making holes. We can't avoid the rats and I just find out that my shoes I stored to our garage mostly are ruined. It's unbelievable. Not only that also hubby's books and old suite's those dirty rats are sure gonna drool when we get this new metal cabinets.

Our choice is in because they have tons of different lines of metal to offer that are easy home improvement adding value and storage will be more durable and last long. I'm sure I can store more stuff that I am thinking to used it again in the future such as baby's clothing, shoes, books and etc. Out of all metal cabinets that carguygarage offers we opted this one because we think this would suit better in our garage and the colour is perfect.

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