Wednesday, 10 October 2007

I had a makeover

Dream to have a makeover but can't afford the cost, then I'll tell you what, there is a free make over online. You can upload your own photo and edit different types of your face whether you like a big eyes and a full lips then everything is there. I was really having fun and enjoying a lot making over my photo that I spent more than 30 minutes on it. I was amazed of the result because my lipds come out so gorgeous with a total pout which I really liked.

I changed my eyes to a big round one and also change the shaped of my face as well as my lips and teeth. It became perfect at last and what more is you can print the result if either you want to keep it or not up to you. I am thinking to save mine for keepsake. So if you are keen to changed into a new look or enhance the beauty of your face then why not sign up and join the for free or can upgrade it to premium and get a full access to all the tools.

I am sure you will love the idea so take this chance to visit the and see what else they could offer you. They are really good and once you are register you can start the make over and upload as many photo as you can. So why not go and take a try now!

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