Wednesday, 10 October 2007

How to deal Insecurity and Jealousy

Have you ever feel insecure and jealous to somebody who is less fortunate than you? Or have you ever feel this way towards your friends?

Lots of people denys the fact that sometimes they feel jealous or insecure towards others, I know it. There are different types of insecurity and jealousy and all of that may feel either way, but because of our pride we hate to admit it but the truth is we know ourselves enough and only us recognised what we want in our life and how we feel.

I know we can fool others but we cannot fool ourselves. There is no one who dont feel such thing, after all we are human. However it is really up to us to control as earlier as we recognised it to not mislead us into some possible worst behaviour.

It is indeed normal that we feel insecure and jealous to others. No matter how many times we deny but its certainly positive.

People who can't control their insecurity will do something stupid like degrading certain they feel insecured with. It makes them happy that specific person will be hurt or fell apart. It's an obscene behaviour if you are luck on to it but if you fight not to think worst then you are blessed.

I know and I met loads of people who have trouble of keeping their insecurity to theirself and can't manage without hurting somebody they feel jealous about.

Therefore to stop it is to fight for it and always think insecurity can mislead our life we let it happen. Believe in yourself and think of a better way to improved, if it happens that you have a bad past then leave it behind and move on. Hurting someone else's doesn't change the status of your life and the fact is it will just ruin your image. Know yourself well and what do you want in life instead.

I felt it, you felt it, we all felt it and its up to us to make it not intow worst. Appreciate yourself and believe in yourself and be happy for yourself and to the extent be happy for someone else happiness.

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