Friday, 26 October 2007

How to Balance the Attention?

My kids can be sometimes completely mummy's boy or mummy's girl or there are times they can be daddy's boy or daddy's girl. Either way they are both competetive and both attention seekers. So as a mother or a parent I would have to make sure they both get the same love and attention. Just like what happen on this picture when we went to the park. Went to the slide and both kids want to come with me too. So there you go as long as it makes them happy, as their mummy I am prefered to do so.


ladyracs said...

I know what you mean gyud dae Haze.. Love this pics, it shows a lot of love from mommy while kids are trully enjoying it.

Agring said...

It's very nice photo of you Haze! Tell me about it. Abby has been climbing on me while doing my opp. I've been telling her that Mommy is working pero dili jud patoo. hehehe!

Rissa said...

ang cute naman, hehe! lovely photo!