Thursday, 25 October 2007

Google and Alexa Ranking

I never could get about Google and Alexa because before I join making money online I had my PR3 and a good Alexa score and soon I update my blog like 4 or 5 times a day with most if it are paid post then suddenly my page ranking become worst and worst. If you guys notice I had a PR2 before and look at it now I only have PR1 and my alexa had increase at a sudden. Whatever it may caused! I have no idea, do you?


Lolli said...

hala uy uso na jud kaayo ang making money online noh? nindot sad kay di baya sayon manginit atong lubot ug nilingkod atubangan sa puter hehehe

sa ako lang nahibal-an pag imong site making money kinahanglan more bloghoping ka aron mo taas imong ranking sa bisag asang search engine.

Angie said...

haze, akong PR nahimo ug 1 nawad-an ko gana but this morning tingala ko kay nidaghan lang kalit akong Opps na available na update lagi ang rank sa akong bravejournal nahimong 3 basin naa pod rank na imong bravejournal. ma update pod na later on.

The Olympics Blogger said...

Hi there kabayan!

Ask ko lang kung anong mga other PPP websites ang sinalihan mo? I see you have payperpost. Ako nasa sponsoredreviews, snorty, reviewme at Payperpost din... meron pa bang ibang puedeng salihan?

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

If you will read the forum sa PPP naa na na discuss didto why the PR ga drop. Murag wala malipay ang google sa bloggers nga ga sell ug links hehehe.. mao na reason.
Gi penalize!
Pero dili consistent and result kay ang uban miubos gyud to zero from pr4 and pr3. So mao na since gahuwat ta sa launch sa Argus we will see ug kailangan pa ba sa PPP ang google ranking.

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