Thursday, 4 October 2007

Bad Grammar

I dont know why but the more I try hard the more I end up having loads of grammatical error. I really struggle of constructing English sentence. Am I just dumb or what? I really find english a very complicated subject. I get confused on how to used the proper noun, adjectives,verbs and the likes. Also the past participle, the present and etc. Is it only me who struggles this subject? I might enroll myself and study proper english before I apply my citizenship because it would be one of the requirements here.

I doubt to pass it though, I dont know I'll see what I can do to improve. Any suggestion anyone? I really admires those bloggers whom writes a well constructive english. I wish I can do the same, but the longer I blog the bad my english gets. Most of the time I write my entries either I am not in the mood or I am tired. It should not be the reason at all. Just that my english is very poor, perhaps I need to learn more about proper grammar.


recel said...

hey my friend! are you serious or you intentionally make your grammar a wrong one? hehe! constant practice makes perfect dear so keep writing! even myslf, am not a great english grammar expert but i credit my former english teachers and my likes in my english skills. there are great books for basic english grammar you can find at or any bookstores and it teaches well on the usage of noun and verb, and all those parts of speech! but i think you will learn better when always talking to ur english husband! maayo gani ka kay english mo diha, kami mga bisdak kaayo!

asa inyo sa pinas Haze?
have a great wednesday night!

Sarah said...

girl ano ba pinag sasabi mo ok k lng? your english is fine galing nga e! pag binabasa ko wala nmn akong napapansin na mali. Ganyan din pumapasok sa isip ko alam mo ba yun.

Shabem said...

Practice makes it perfect! I have the same feeling too. Mura ra pod tag ga eskwela aning blogging. I believe makatabang pod baya.