Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Ready For a Slide?

Ready, steady, GO! Wheeeeeee.......! My kids just simply love this simple entertainment, a slide. When we go to park they always end up playing more time in the slide. Both of them no matter how many choices on the park are available slide has been always the winner. I think its just easy and simple that there is no need for the parents to help them as they can manage to do without. Unlike the swing or any other fun thingy that needs parents to help them. Just a simple day yet full of fun!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

BaseBall Gloves

I'm really not a baseball fanatic and never been a ever since I was a child. However there are millions of people around the world who are into baseball and that will continue growing each day. I believe if what the fathers like the son or the kids also will definitely inherit it from their fathers. Just like hubby he likes 3 sports only and thats because that is the sports where he grew up knowing. Other may like baseball and others dont. So to those who are into baseball and play a community baseball or even at school then you should take a look at this baseball website supplies at and see their great selections of baseball equipment such Baseball Gloves and the likes.
Everything you needed for a baseball you can find it there with a good quality and great prices. Don't go playing without the best baseball gloves because it sure will make a big difference of your playing quality when you used a brandnew and durable baseball gloves. So kids grab your parents to see this great baseball gloves website now. Dont wait for long!

A Pink Tiger

This is what she decided after she is given time to picked which face painting she would want for the day. She pick a tiger but pink rather the orange one. Such a girly jud!


Tons of people who will get away this winter and I even talk to few of them. My co-workers just register her holiday for December as she and her husband is going to spend their christmas to canada. They are going to take a flight to vancouver for a week then a flight to toronto to visit the husband's great Auntie. Also before they come home as they have like 4 weeks holiday they decided they might take the chance to take a flight to Montreal just to see the beautiful cities of canada. I was jealous how I wish I can go away from this winter too.

Our Weekend

For us we had a great weekend together as a family as we had a trip down to the farm. Kids had fun and so did we. Weather was rather nice and no wind not at all sunny but not freezing either. It was dry and chilly thats all. Here's one of our picture and more here, too... ! Enjoy!

Check Your Bank Charge

I always check our bank charges every after we transfer money or after issuing checks and see if our bank is being fair or not. A lot of bank seems charging too much these days especially if you dont make a fuss or check about it. You should because if you find out their being unfair to the charges you can actually claim it back. Check to see how its going to work if anything goes horrible or if it happens that you met such dilemma. The website only talks and give tips to people who wants to know anything about bank charges so if they'll encounter any unfair job they will know how to make it right and fight their rights if the bank is being unfair or whatsoever. Go and check now.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Business Is Good

I feel like I am one of the lucky posties tonight. Well I been lucky for every opps I take however low payout it gets as long as I get the chance to blog and being compensated thats enough for me to smile. I guess I should just be thankful of whatever blessings I receive no matter how little it is to others. Even a single centavo is hard to find these days therefore I need to be contented regardless of what I have. Tonight earning online is looking good and I want to thanks PPP for these awesome opportunity.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Watch this Breast Massage Therapy Video and learn great tips on how to prevent breast cancer awareness. This video includes tips, advices, techniques and even massage therapist and more. If you watch you'll learn things that you never thought it could happen and to be aware of it is an great things you can do. So help yourself by learning and watching and perhaps share it with others too. I just think this is an awesome shares for everyone who are aware of this illnesses. So don't blow this chance!

Still Wide Awake

I might just have a dream but right now I am happy of what I do and still here wide awake writing entries of anything that comes on my mind. It is already past midnight and I should be in bed for I have an early start tomorrow.!!!Well need to earn some more for christmas list seems to be longer. Not enough savings for all of this list therefore I need to workhard more, lol.

Lets have a Free Chat!

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Saturday, 27 October 2007

The Rising of Blogs PageRanks

I notice last night that all my blogs has now a PR, I dont believe it yet, I'm confused and how it happened? My bravejournal is now PR4, unbelievable I dont know if its true or not. Is it? But this blog remains PR2 so it makes me wonder whats going on with Google? I think google is confused or what? I dont want to believe it yet because I dont want to get disappointed later on when its gone down to PR-0 again. Whatever the google thinks, it would be nice if what I see is right.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Home Improvements

Home improvements is always down to the woman in the house, isn't it? Yes beautifying house is all to do with a woman. That is why hubby always leave it all to me when it comes to redoing some parts in the house. Just like my mother in-laws they just a changed of their garage 2 yrs ago and now they are thinking of redoing it again since it was not at all done properly.

This time they're pondering to go for a concrete Prefab Garage . They were asking hubby if anything he could recommend to them. Hubby of course made a research and he found out about this website called lidget concrete garage is known to be the best garage supplier here in UK. So hubby is now anxious to tell his mother about what he finds and how wide supplier it is. His mother sure will be delighted.

How to Balance the Attention?

My kids can be sometimes completely mummy's boy or mummy's girl or there are times they can be daddy's boy or daddy's girl. Either way they are both competetive and both attention seekers. So as a mother or a parent I would have to make sure they both get the same love and attention. Just like what happen on this picture when we went to the park. Went to the slide and both kids want to come with me too. So there you go as long as it makes them happy, as their mummy I am prefered to do so.

Online Games for Children

My kids are now addicted to this childre online games. Kath who love to play Dora the explorer challenge and christian patiently waiting for his turn, as if he knows how to drag the mouse instead he'll just bang it on to the monitor. He is such a bummer but of course he thinks he should have a go, too. However the eldest always give the instruction and the one who decide who's turn next and when? It's so funny to hear how my daughter give's order, lol.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Think of a Better Career

People are free to do anything, not because you are a bartender you are stock to that kind of job. No, you dont. Because there are some better ways on make a better standard of living. Expand your sales course or join a sales courses, why not? Its for anyone who is iterested in sales and planning a business in the future. Sales Training Courses UK is now available and that everyone is welcome to enroll and start joining a sales training course anytime. Who knows it might lead you to be a successful business woman or business man someday. All it takes is knowledge and training and the rest follows. Don't put it off if this is what you want then you must follow what the desire of your heart to make that dream come true.

Digital Scrapbooking

See credits in scrapbookflair

I have so many photos to scrap and of course kits for layouts and designing. The problem is I spend like a day to finish a layout like this, huh. It's pretty tiring job the scrapping but of course once you see the outcome of your hardwork it sure puts a smile onto your face. I did, and I am loving my layout, lol. But of course not worth for a day though, maybe in the future I'll be more quicker until I become expert of layering and designing.

Google and Alexa Ranking

I never could get about Google and Alexa because before I join making money online I had my PR3 and a good Alexa score and soon I update my blog like 4 or 5 times a day with most if it are paid post then suddenly my page ranking become worst and worst. If you guys notice I had a PR2 before and look at it now I only have PR1 and my alexa had increase at a sudden. Whatever it may caused! I have no idea, do you?

Sales Training Courses

Bea's brother is planning to take a course on Sales because he thought this would give him a better choices in the future of his career. Right now he is working in a post office and thinking of becoming a saleman or build his own business but he don't know which training area he would go as there are many around here in UK. I told them that I will browse it for them and find the best sales training courses. Gladly I found a website who's offering Sales Training UK and that now offering a sales training courses. This is known to be a better training school across UK.

Just in time for tomorrow we're going to meet up and I will recommend this sales training courses to Bea's brother and sure he will be delighted at last he can go to training soon as he wanted to. Soon he'll be able to have his own way of creating a better source of income by buiding his own business. Many people opted to be working in sales because it has many choices than many other courses and somehow you can be a boss to your own self.


Our baby girl is going to celebrate her 6th birthday in 3 weeks time or even less. We just find out today that the wacky warehouse cannot take our party because they are fully book until december and are available only in 2nd week of January. I guess we should have organised it earlier. But anyway we still going to have 2 celebration but not with her classmates, not until January, lol. On the 4th will have a birthday celebration with the intimates (family only). Then on the 5th with my friends (all pinays) not that many though. The big party is not until in 2 months time. But we will make sure she will have a great time still.

So here's the layout I made of 5 yrs old little girl. Ooooh how quick is the time! She is my babygirl always.

Concrete Garages Source

Do you fancy having a concrete garage? Can't find where's a good provider? The try as UK Prefab Concrete Garages provider. Who wouldn't want a nice presentable and neat garage? Of course it's almost a certain that all people do want a neat and pleasant looking garage.

I love to have a concrete garage for the reason that it is easy to maintain and clean. In rainy or wet season it's unlikely to get sticky of mad as it is base of concrete which just leave water until the sun will dries it up. Prefad Concrete is becoming so popular these days especially that in UK is more on wet than the dry weather so it is certainly recommended. It sure will be my option in the near future.

Forgiveness is Love

Me and hubby had a little squabble this afternoon after he refused going out shopping. His reason was it was late for the kids and they should be in bed and plus our boy is still a little bit ill and badly coughing which caused to spitting-up. My reason to go out is because of my box pick-up will be tomorrow at 11:30 in the morning that's the schedule given and I want to fill it up so It would not be such a waste of time and money to send it out to philippines with a half content only. He offer to go out by himself and buy all the things that I needed or he can go early in the morning. But it was too late I was already in a bad temper and worst it's my period, lol. He is now saying sorry 100 times but still ignoring him. He can bloody will suffer, I thought,lol. But where is the love? If I don't forgive him? Ooohh well he can survive till in the morning when I am totally calm down. He should have think before he refused.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Oak Beds

We have list of home furniture we need to buy soon after we move out to a bigger place and one of it is our bed. Hubby has been complaining a lot about backpain because of our bed mattress and frames are not that strong enough to protect and suport our body in which we end up sleeping in a bad position not far-off from crouching-up. So we decided that our next thing to buy is a bed and he asked if we go for a leather beds or oak beds ?

Honestly I go for the leather bed because its quite neat to look at and also neat for our bedroom. Hubby insisted that perhaps we should go for the oaks beds since we are matching it with a wooden vanity table and a fitted wardrove and cupboard. But of course who always win is not him but the wife, lol. I pick what I like and whatever makes me happy. But now I think that perhaps he is right about having an oak beds. I'll wait and see when the time comes.

I see this picture and made me change my mind. This from , so go and take a look! There are more choices of beddings.

A boy on the Basket

As a mother I sometimes wonder why do kids do not play their toys? Buying a toys is such a waste of time and money because my son never play with it. All he loves to play are thing that he shouldn't be touching. If not PC's, Television, Fridge, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Vaccuum, Iron and all the things that are related to electricity. It's dangerous that is why when he is awake I could not let my eyes off from him or else he would hurt himself or break something, just like yesterday he broke our glass picture frame and luckily it landed on to the floor away from his foot, but were only that close.

One time I was busy cooking our lunch and he's gone so quite so I suddenly look what he is interfering at this moment then I found him on the top of my laundry basket. I asked him where did he put all the laundry and he pointed to me where my balikbayan box was place. When I look inside all our laundry were all there. I cannot help but laugh. So there he go another murder he got out from me, hehehehe.

Housing Market UK

Due to the high increased of mortgage percentage the house prices is news to be decreasing next year. It will be a big collapsed of buyers and just wait the time will thehouse pricing will drop. Mortgages UK will then lower their interest rates and percentage due to this housing market prediction. I just hope this will happen or else there will be a big disappointment to many people who are desperate for a lower housing price.

For this reason we are pulling our place from the market because people have withdrawn their proposal because of this bigs news. We now pla of renting our place and maybe buy couple more by next year for an investment. We will be moving out soon to a bigger place and keep this apartment and let it by. I hope by next year we can buy 2 more apartments to begin our portfolio business that me and hubby are planning at the moment. It depends on how much mortgages we can afford but I guess the rent will cover it all and we only get our revenue back in years to come when the housing pricing value is going to go back higher. Hopefully our plan will works.

My Behalf (The man who own's my heart)

Francine got me this tag. Thanks Ana uy....salamat kaau jud!

This tag is simple. If you feel comfortable and your better half does too, you can post a picture of him in your blog ( but if not a description will do). May it be a baby picture anything that you like with the following:

1. First name: if he doesn’t like his name plastered all over the internet, a pet name will do.
2. How and where did you meet?
3. Characteristics
4. Your plans 20 to 30 years from now.
This is hubby when he was 7yrs old, not so clear as obviously only took picture from the frame.

Hubby at 21 yrs old

Hubby's name is Simon but I call him Daddy, Dong or My love.

We met through a friend in person in Restobar Cebu City in Drifters. We were introduced by his friend and my friend. Then for him it was love at first sight but not for me because I think he was far too strict and snobbish. However I let him suffer for many months just to test his loyalty and to measure how true and serious he was. For the first time he met me he already knows who I am, what I am and my standard of living but he loves me regardless. They were few contenders but I was glad I fall in love to the right one. He was never a big fan of internet dating and never registered to any as he was not planning to marry any filipina girls because he could not stand the culture, lol. Whilst I am very opposite because I was registered to any dating site, you named it all. So, I was very impressed of how he deals all of my craziness and temper that I even kick his stearing wheel and got it broken, lol. It must be love. He own's my heart despite of many challenges in the beginning.

Loving, humble, handsome, funny, great sense of humour, generous, kind and all the characteristic of every woman's dream for a man.

Future Plan?
We plan to buy more properties here and then back to Philippines as well. Give the best education we can to our children. In 30 yrs time we are planning to go back and live in Philippines but depending on our kids because they will be all grown-up by then and perhaps have a stable job here already and dont want to leave England and if so then I must also stay here in England. Wherever my family is, I am sure will be with them too. We have too many plans but only in God good hands. Come what may!

Online Dating Tips

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So if you are ready to be in-love again then try visit and you might as well recommend it to your friends out there. This will help you through on how to find love online with their free services you could asked many question as you would like. It is open to everyone and members can have an access to all the featuring tools for free. So, get registered now and send message instantly and who knows the luck of finding your soulmate will be soon in your way. Trust onlinedatingtips to help you find your lovematch that you been looking for quite sometime now. It wouldn't take any long from now for you will find her/him. Are you excited?

A "Young" Me

A tag from In2x....picture when I was a little child and growing-up. I didn't have much picture of me when I was little because it was all left in the Philippines in my parents album that they're keeping for a famiyl history. Only brought few with and sadly one when I was 10 yrs old and most when I am already teenager and adolescene's period, lol. So here it is.....

when I was 10 yrs old

nearly 18 yrs old

In my bedroom nearly 19

Did you notice that I am just the typical teenager who is very rebellious, heheehe. Btw, notice of my posters? One of them is Britney and Thalia they are my idol but sadly britney is now mad and crazy so she is no-longer my idol, lol. Thalia is my forever Idol jud, the others are the boyband I used to liked.

Me,little sister nova and two close friend (tracy and jojo)

His beard, eyes, smile and height were the thing that attracts me the most. You know why? Because of my idol Ewan Mcgregor who starred in Starwars triology has a beard, lol. Hubby does look similar to him, according to my eyes, hehehehehehe.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Another Options

Our place is in need of upgrading like a having a new window, new bathroom and covert the carpeted flooring into a wooden one. Meanwhile, we are thinking of letting it as me moved to just 200 yards away for couple of years. But we should think of changing our place into a newer look to be presentable enough to attract our people to let. To be able to do that we have to get Home Loans first from because I can assure of a secured home loans from their new site. There is a 3 to 30 yrs guarante of how long you can pay it off. Its flexible and affordable loans so I don't need to look further because I found a magicloans source.

7 facts about me

A new blogger name Nancy has got this tag for me. Thanks so much for this girl, just in time that I need a filter, hehehehe.

1)I am the number 7 out of 11 children, so my lucky number is 7 like Jose Rizal,lol.
2)I am addicted to clothes, shoes, handbags, and frangrances in short shopaholic.
3)I love spoiling my family but also love to moan about it, lol.
4)I get distress when I see an abandoned or children in pain, its just so heartbreaking.
5)I am an SDA but pretty bad at the moment since I dont go church that much. But only God can judge us and knows whats deep in our heart.
6)I am a wife and a mother to 2 adorable kids.
7)I love to go to Italy and Paris.

Van Insurance

Having a van here in UK or anywhere else in the world is becoming popular because it can accommodate the whole family and sometimes friends. However you cannot drivea van without a proper van insurance. People who have van should get an insurance for good purposes. UK Cheap Van Insurance is the best place to get one for your van to be insured before hitting the road.

I know a friend who have a van but doesnt insured it and I refused to get on it because I want only a safety car. They're avoiding to pay but they dont know that they also taking a risk. Once you own a van or car you really need an insurance. You can get a better rates van insurance the cheapest guranteed is on Try and look at it now and see what suit your van and what you can afford to pay. For sure its affordable but still its your choice.

Could it be his Molars?

My son molars are about to come out because I can see the his gum swelling big time. I know how soar it is and painful for a 21 months old baby. He is pathetic all day and all he wanst is mummy and daddy to give him a cuddle. I can't think of anything else to do can't even get up to get a drink because he wouldn't let me out of his sight. Thats all babies do when they are ill. I hope my son will get better soon. The Doctor told us that bathing is not an ideal since it only gives a temporary relief of the temperature. He suggested we should keep giving him the calpolor Ibufropin and it the temperature does not drop we might have to take him to his GP for check. Right now he is sleeping on his favourite spot(Daddy's tummy).

Fancy a French Beds?

French Beds yet to come and I am sure tons of people are awaiting of this great excitement. A UK based bed company who currently specialise in leather beds, and also sell almost every type of bed apart from french beds until now that they realised they should do and soon will be launching one.

It would be a great christmas treat for me if hubby would decide to buy me one of this french bedding. I'll have to a woman to decide a romantic bed furniture in our bedroom. Hubby won't refused what make his wife happy. I just adore the french beds and looking to change our one soon as we move to our new place before christmas. An exciting thing to look forward to, isn't it?

Going to Design a Christmas Card

Hubby as told he bought me the stuff I needed on designing a greetings cards for this holiday season. Anyhow he bought me the folded one so I have to design back and forth which I find it very challenging, lol. I will have to try and see if I can really make it before the holiday comes or else I have to buy packs of greetings cards before its too late to send out.

Skin Nourishing

I just notice my skin has gone dry recently it might have something to do with out cold weather. It does this whenever autum hits on us. I badly need some nourishing on my skin or some moisturiser or anything that relates to skin to make it smooth and soft again. I had a search through the google to find whats the best product that works onmy skin. Then a friend of mine suggested that I should used R.G. Skin Revitalizer to make my skin easy and quick to recover.

It is not easy to keep my skin moist because winter has it bad effect on my skin. It dry's my skin from head to toe and sometimes even crack-out that leads to bleed. It begins to worry me so I went to see a dermatologist and suggested just to keep using a moisturiser to keep it moist and prevent the dryness and skin blemishes. So I was trying using the R.G. skin revitalizer and after weeks of using it I saw a big changes in my skin. It becomes more supple and soft just like before. I'm so happy that I listen to a good friend and using this R.G. skin revitalizer did really works on me. If you have the same problem about your skin dont hesitate to try this product and sure you won't have the problem again and again.

This winter or any other season if you encounter such a dryness or skin blemishes then try R.G. Skin Revitalizer and discover the goodness about just like I did.

It get worst before its get better

I know when my son's ill it get worst before its get better. So he had a fever for 2 days now and the worst has yet to come before he gets better tomorrow. So tonight I'll expect more vomitting and high fever and hopefully tomorrow he'll get better. We did what the midwifes told us to do on how to deal a sick baby. It really worries me a lot when it comes to my babies health.

Family Summer Trip next Year

I know its still a few months away since it will be summer again,lol. Just the thought of it makes me all excited again. I have a new target for our family trip on summer the Theme Parks in Blackpool UK. It is known as the biggest tourist attractions here in UK and also the oldest theme parks too. UK has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions.

I haven't been to blackpool but next year I think that will be our next destination here in UK as promised to myself that I have to go around the UK before going anywhere else. So theme parks will be one of our place to visit and sure the kids will have fun by then. Can't wait for summer now and see how good is the theme parks but I bet it is that good.

High Temperature

I'm not sure what caused it but 10 minutes ago my son temperature raised up so high to 40.6 degrees and was made me all panic. Gladly hubby is not a panicky one who thinks nothing but the best solution on what to do to make the high fever become low so he decided to put him in a bath for 5 minutes just to cool the temperature down at least 2 degrees. After the bath it did cool down to 38 and now he is right here beside me lying down because he doesn't want to be far from mummy at the moment. We had a bed here in our setting room in front of our Television and of course a duvet too. Tomorrow if his fever still as high as today then we will take him to his pedia since were going there for my daughter's booster shot anyway.

New Hotel its on your Way

If it happens you are going for a tripto blackpool then you should try staying one of the best Hotels Blackpool for your trip to make it worth and enjoyable because holidays mean to be something special and memorable. Therefore 4 or even 5 star hotel is worth to stay.

A new website will soon be launching about the big blue hotels in blackpool so you will be able to check an accomodation soon as you decided a trip here in UK. What more could you ask with this beautiful hotel in blackpool and accessibleto all atttractions and shopping.

Which is Better?

With all our pictures last Saturday before watching the Rugby final we took some pictures wearing our Rugby shirt for keepsake. Anyhow hubby choose this one as his favourite, I don't know why but he said he loves our expression which is looking so normally happy. He thinks this could be a winner or can be a wallpaper.

But I think this one is my favourite because it is all of us together in a picture which rarely happen. This is our keepsake of the World Cup 2007 runner-up, hehehehe.

Online Merchant Solution

Online business won'tbe complete without a shopping cart software in which you can get in Ashop the US leading providerof shopping cart. Having one is the solution of online business which taked off the hassles of checking out manually because shopping cart make it easy for you. Shop, pick, cart, check-out and pay, is that easy. But of course ecommerce software really makes a big difference to all the merchant online with all their great softwares that provides the best for your customers.

I am a big fan of shopping online and having a shopping cart software does make the shopping fast and easy. It does shows how high-tech the world is. Gladly people launched this kind of technologies which makes life a lot easier. We can value time and money too. When you shop you want the best service and ecommerce software is the answer. Shoppig cart is becoming more and more popular these days especially there are loads of merchant comparison which makes it more even better. Once an online merchant have a shopping cart then the competition sure will want one too. Who wouldn't if this makes your business growth more rapidly? I sure do once I will become a merchant, thats the plan.

Me, myself and I

Yupp, I love shades but right now that is autumn is here there is no way I can wear shades because all I can see is a dark sky ang gloomy day. I dont want to look completely ludicrous wearing sunnies where there is no sun at all, lol. But anyhow I find out that there is actually a shades that are made for autumn or winter which it may sound ridiculous but bizarrely there is such thing. I am going to find one for myself but still I am not convince enough and I still think I am better off without it, not only I save money, hehehehe.

This is my layout for hummies themed thursday and the theme is about style.

What Do I think of Casino?

I am not a big gambler at all but I go casino for fun onlyand play those litle machines or even just watch people playing, it just fascinates me. Last night watched dragon dens and one of the dragon own some casino's where it become's his major assets. He revealed after one dragon commented about what he thinks of online casino and who would bother play on there? Then the dragon who owns casino says, hang on a minute you are close of insulting my wife who played online casino's every night. So for fun or for gamble there are tons of people play online casino on their spare time.

It's not at all gamble as long as you do have a good time playing and not moaning after you lost, better appreciate the fun and forget the money you lose. When you play you must think that you cannot at all be lucky and the fact is you can be a loser too, no doubt! Play for fun and bet a little only until your ready to lose a biggest. Online casino is a great fun when you know how to play and deal as a loser.

Account is hacked

Its been 2 weeks since I can't open my friendster account, I dont know what's wrong but can't open a new one either because my old still does exist can't cancel it but also can't view anything apart from profile is not available. It's really a bummer and I hate it. It might have been hacked I thought. I might just have to accept the fact that friendster doesn't want an account from me anymore, lol. That sure save me sometime. Anyway there nothing to lose there are any other other ways of sharing photos.

Pain Solutions

Hubby has this terrible pain in his back and he's been to emergencies for many times but they reckon it was only a twisted muscles. So doctors recommend to have some pain killer still he suffers it but not so often. I am thinking of introducing him to Neuropathy Solutions to somehow stop the pain. No side effects to worries plus it surely get rids to your pains.
I was taking the maximum dosage of Neurontin and didn’t get the relief I had hoped for while I worried about the drug’s side effects. But with Neuropathy Solutions, I’ve found a respite for the pain and burning in my feet while cutting my neurontin intake by more than half. Carol Z,
Muskegon, Michigan

I had only been on Neuropathy Solutions for a couple of weeks when I noticed a big change. It feels so good not to have pain all the time.

Beverly J,
Wyoming, Michigan

As a mechanic who developed neuropathy, I found it difficult to do my job without the feeling in my hands and fingers. But with Neuropathy Solutions, I was able to get back to work. It felt good to feel the nuts and bolts between my fingers.

Gerald L.

As a physician, my dad’s dramatic improvement while on Neruopathy Solutions piqued my interest. It has made a big impact on him and been good for him and the family.

Dr. Shelley F, MD PLC
Holland, Michigan

Neuropathy Solutions is the best treatment for foot pain that I've found after over thirteen years of dealing with numbness and pain.

Jerry V.

About Apocalypto

It's already 12 midnight here still I am watching movie the "APOCALYPTO". It is a good movie directed by Mel Gibson. I find it cruel and brutal and heartbreaking yet at the end of the film goodies will get the revenged and came the spaniards with 300 men and captivated the anchor and there begin the new spanish era in south america so they speak spanish. Good movie despite of the brutality that made me feel so distress at the start, lol.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Easy Alternative

Do you find ithard to keep checking your email through laptop or PC? Then why not used a Red Inbox? An easy alternative of receiving emails through your phone. You dont need laptop every trip you are going through since your mobile could actually be connected from your email through your number comes your mobile email. Easy, handy and convernient especially in the rush days where you just grab important things to take with you to your business trip or even holiday. Still you can get connected of everything like booking and etc through red inbox mobile internel email. You can send messages anywhere at anytime.

New Layout

I decided to scrap after a busy day and here it comes out pretty well. It was days ago since my last layout. I am practising still, hehehehe. I hope this holiday I could make sa greeting cards design to send to friends and family. Credits later on.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Tips on how To Grow Business

Not because you are a businessman you are expert of everything in business. Why there are business who is a non-growing one and non--profitable? It's because they don't beleive of another source of idea, advises or tips from other professionals. That way they are wrong and they dont realised that they can kill their business too quickly. So no matter how professionals you are there ain't no wrong of considering other's idea somehow it helps you and your company's future. It's not that you will follow it straight away only an idea or tips perhaps and its up to you to apply it or not. offers great tips of marketing business online and news about internet marketing knowledge. I been to their site many times even though I am not a business woman myself but I just want to learn about marketing and who knows the future? I really learn a lot through allianchor and at least I have knowledge when it comes to internet marketing and I might benifit from it in the near future. I am really very impressed of their marketing tips and so is my husband. He is currently working in the company where it's all about how to market and make the business growing. So for him this website is an answer to his prayer.

So for a good business marketing tips allinanchor is the best!

Cool Mummy?

Am I? I think in some ways I am but usually I am a nagger especially when it comes to tiding -up the mess after playing. I just hate messy rooms it makes my brains rambles and really drive me nuts. Just wanted my kids to grown learning how to make-up their rooms and toys and have a pleasant room before bedtime. Kids must know their limits. So I think on that particualr thing I can be called a cool Mummy. I play with them, I talked about how they feel especially my eldest who now talks a lot about her school and friends. I show them respect and above all the love and understanding.

Thank JennyR for this cool tag and I'll pass this over to Carlota, Vicky, Angie, Arlene and Shabem, LadyRacs, Genny, Darlene, Janine, Gretchen, In2x, Irel, Vicky, and all the Mum's in the world because I think we all are cool.

Soulmates Finder?

Anything could be missing in your heart you can still survived but if love is missing you can be lonely till you find one and give a life a reason to live. Find your soulmates in a free dating site that could help you find your true love to fill that missing part in your heart. Of course, it would not be a free dating if there is no free live chat and a phone chat. This is totally free once you sign up you are good to go.

What's more is you can communicate by sending an instant messages all over America and anywhere else plus a live chat and a live phone chat in an open chat room with any members who hang up there. Plus you can do blogging or can create a personalised your account. Fancy trying? Try it now!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Sports Updates

The lost of England's team are the lost of nations too. It may have disappoint the fans but there is no one to blame, its a sport after all. Congratulations to South Africa they have won the Rugby World 2007. England came 2nd and Argentina is the 3rd. These team's will get automatic qualification in next world cup and that would be in 4 years time again. If I am right the next world cup would be on 2011 before the Olypics on 2012.

Still thumbs up to England for becoming the worlds runner-up. The best of luck for the next world cup! Right now I am watching car racing (Formula I) because there is another hope of England for a world championship. I wish Lewis Hamilton all the luck! Bring home the victory Lewis!


with my baby Girl

This picture was taken during the fairground in Charlwood Surrey. There were lots of firing guns display and some veterans too. I was kinda fascinated of the scene but again on that time I forgot my memory card, lol. I have a very poor memory at the moment I think I am suffering from Azchiemer, hehehehehe. So picture2x were once limited so only took few.

with my kiddies

Friday, 19 October 2007


Most of homeowners did mortgages first before owning a home. You can get all sort of mortgages depending on your salary basis. If you earn more than average then it will triple your mortgages and basically you can get a better rates. Hubby is been recalculating on how much mortgages he would prefer to get and be able to pay-off the including the interest rates per month. We are thinking of getting a mortgage for 25 yrs and buy a house that is worth like £450,000 pounds.

Maybe after 5 yrs we can remortgages and do another room extension. On that reason we will increase the value of the properties and gain extra rooms. Thats the plan as we are looking for 5 bedroom house but for now we can only afford a 4 bedroom one until years to come that we can do remortgages and hopefully it works. It would be down to hubby's salary on how high the mortgages he will get.


I feel like a hollywood star for I received so many awards, hehehe. The first awards is from the byotiol Anne aka Texas-sweetie as well as the 2nd one. The 3rd one from the two fine and gorgeous ladies Ana and Genny. The 4th till to the last is an award from sexy friend Ana in houston texas.

Thank you ladies, you really made my heart melts.

HotelShop is here to Serve you

Travelling is everyone's passion. But it would be more fun and relaxing when everything you need are all ready and prepared such as booking and choosing the best accomodation that cater your needs. Its not done by a rushing and end sorry for paying too high or ending up staying in not so well-presentable hotels. To avoid these kind of dilemma you'll have to be smart and organised you trip beforehand. A holiday can be daunting without a ready made bookings therefore you need to visit and check out the UK Hotel Reservations and Bookings because as far as I know they even have a last minute deal.

You dont need to be panicky after all even its your last minute before travelling for can still book your hotel accomodation up to the last minute. They specialise to 2-5 star hotel accomodation and short breaks throughout the UK. This would be an answer to all the prayers, the saviour to those people who are disorganise as me. Gladly there is hotelshop you offers and willing to take even in a last minute. It is so great of them. The site itself is very presentable layout wise is very neat and navagation tools are user-friendly with no hassles per click you'll get to the page you wanted to and contact the admin whenever you meet faulth and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

They customer service is very professional and friendly. They features a quick search to avoid delays. Its very easy to find your favourite location across UK just type into the seacrh button and yourt location, region, arrival date, town, number of nights and etc then you sure will get in straight away. Hotelshop is the best place for hotel bookings and reservations with their straighforward deal and friendly customer service to make every customer's happy and all smiling to their entire holiday. Pick a hotel that is best suit your holiday needs wether you like a hotel where its located to the centre of the city or a classic lodge that is located in the country wherever do you want will sure provide it for you.

For me a simple and quality hotel will do for me with all the free amenities and accessible to all the attractions would do me. So I make it with hotelshop in our nex trip.

Another Fulfilling Friday

My work is fine today, had fun chatting with my managers and customers at the same time my co-workers. They seems are nice to me and they think I am the managers favourite, lol. Whatever! For me I am enjoying my job and getting on well with people is the most fulfilling dream in life. I came home about 8 pm and hubby already fixed the dinner which were all laid out on the table.

I was thinking that this is not fair because hubby is working at home at the same time looking after the kids then while me having a rest with the kids while in my work I enjoyed a lot chit-chatting and there I came home with a ready dinner to eat especially prepared bu hubby. I actually feel guilty for I never did prepare his food whenever he is out to meeting and still he come's home from his work without no food in the table unless he will cooked for us all. Hay...that's life after all.

A Stress-free Working Office

A man is always the bread winner so it's just right that they need a stress-free working office to be able to concentrate their jobs without a constant disturbance from kids or wife's. This has been one of hubby's problem who work at home most of the time. I told him often that he is lucky for he is working at home at has been paid well. But for him working at home is like in the park he can hear screaming babies every corner, lol. That is why stress-free working office that is away from homes is an ideal. I actually love the idea of working at home but obviously not to every people in the world. Most prefers an office in the middle of nowhere where they can focus and do some concentration to their work.

The have innovative design with the natural beauty of wood and glass; traditional materials combine with sophisticated technology to create a garden building with a difference. Its not at all for working office but also a place where you can relax and chill. A place for a perfect unwhinning just for you or for your family away from all the stress. It is design by a professional technicians and can cater to individual needs. Choose an elegant garden office or room from Garden Offices and Buildings and decide the best location.

For all the perfect stress free home working environment at gardenscape is where you can find it. They have the most elegant and sophisticated design which combine of tradiational materials that most people will admires. And lets not forget you can also create your own design and let the gardenscape build it for you. Your dream a perfect relaxing room or offices is just a click away. Visit and see many design as well as their beuatiful interior design that best suit your needs. With them you can trust the high quality in such reasonable range of prices.

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