Sunday, 2 September 2007

We need One

Last few weeks me and hubby went outside to see meteors as it was a big news for the day here in England. It was about midnight since we start looking from our backyard but only saw few of it. If only we had the night vision gadget, it would have been better. So I made a comment to hubby that perhaps the next thing we need to buy is leupold binoculars or even a telescope because we realised as we were setting down looking so desperate to see a more meteors.

We've seen about 9 or 10 meteors and it could have been more than that. Never mind, maybe next time we just need to be prepared. I supposed there is next time. Mind you I love looking at space. I even fancy having a large telescope so I could have a view to a space and perhaps I could have a chance to see planets. Wouldn't it be cool?

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