Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tuesday Twosome

Were you more likely to have a crush or be the crush?
@ I should say half and half.

Were you more likely to lead or be lead?
@Though I never become thw whole class leader when I was in school but I certainly lead them in whatever projects or activities and we rarely lost.

Were you more likely set trends or follow trends?
@Definitely I sat trends to my friends and classmates. I remember when I was in my 2nd high school one of the boys were talking how good I dressed. And a classmate in college comlimented once during our classes how she loves the way I dressed. It was quite flattering but I guess its also depends on what clothes you are wearing. I buy trendy apparels but I wear it differently.

Were you more likely speak your mind or remain quiet?
@I am likely to speak my mind.

From the above four questions, what two answers have changed the most?

@Number one and four. I a devoted wife now and also I am quiter now and never open anything especially to my in-laws.

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Casey's Mom said...

good answers, haze. it's always nice to turn back the time labi na dumdumon tong mga crush sauna.tc!