Sunday, 2 September 2007

Tuesday Twosome

1)Do you check your email once a day or more? Explain: I usually checked my mail many times in a day if I feel like to especially when I am expecting one.

2)When you receive SPAM emails, do you just delete them or take the time to mark it as SPAM? Explain: I automatically delete them, I dont waste my time for such non-sence spammers.

3)When a friend/acquaintance emails you a “forward” email like a joke or chain letter, do you forward it to your friends or just delete it? Explain: I do read it sometimes but never forward it to any friends. I haven't got a time or shall I say time is very tight to waste another rubbish thingy.

4)Who are two people whose emails you look forward to receiving? Explain: Loudlunch campaign notice and my sister Leah's email.

5)Do you believe that email has completely replaced other forms of communication? No, because ultimately it hasn't yet.

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