Friday, 7 September 2007


Wow! I had a very good hours of sleep last night, imagine I slept from 7:30 till quarter passed 8. Huh, it was indeed a long sleep. I feel great especially today that I am going to work and maybe the whole weekend too. My manager asked me to work for 5 hours shift tomorrow afternoon 2pm to 7pm. Because I am only a newbie I had to say YES or else my butt will be kick-out, lol. Well I know its our sabbath but only this time and hope I can plan my holiday next time so I won't be needed to make up for it.

I decided I have to forget my blogging last night and go to slept together with my kids, so I did. I dont know how many opps I missed out, I guess not that many. But I had few opps that had expired, lol. I completely forget about it, hehehe.

Scrapping Updates:
I spent another 11 bucks to buy more goodies, lol. I keep buying now and I think I bought enough and maybe its time for me to do some layout. I just admires all my friends works. They are that lovely and inspired me to do some, too.

Anyway, I wanna extend my heartfelt "PASASALAMAT" to everyone who left me some love here in my blog. Thank you guys! To my visitors as well thanks for peeking-you footprints were highly appreciated.

Happy Friday all and drive safe!!!

OFF TO WORK NOW...Its our Payday...Exciting! After buslot akong bulsa finally masudlan na pud. Mao ra ni ang kalipay sa Purdoy! BOW!

ciao all!


Ivy Sterling said...

Hmmm dli man daghan pud kaayo ang opps igo ra pud me naka grab. sagdi lang ang kalami sa tulog dli man pud mabayran. labi na inig mata agoy lami kaayo ang paminaw basta taas ug kinatulgan.
Nahala happy weekend nalng sa imo ug sa imong family.
kisses to ur 2 adorable kids.

Agring said...

Naa na diay ka trabaho Haze? maayo kay sigi ka palet ug kits. Scrap na!

babigurl said...

imoha pa na padala ako imoha 11 bucks teh