Sunday, 9 September 2007

She's Gone Home

Credits will be later, alright?

A good friend of mine has gone home already. Its sad but at the same time I am happy for her that finally she get the hell out of living with her saddist and control freak boyfriend. I just think she deserves better in life but all she need to do is wait for the right time. I know that right now she feel less happy and heartbroken but she should not lose hope because everything happen for a reason. She needs to move on and take her past as her inspiration or a chalenge to live. There is more to life than living with the man who ain't giving anything to you but headaches.

Only God knows what the future lies ahead on my friends life. She is such a great woman and very caring, loving and responsible. And it is such a shame that someone could hurt her that bad. I felt terrible one time when she showed to me her big bruise on her arm. How dare he? If he was not capable of giving back the love and respect that my friend give to him then he should tell her the thruth and send her straight away to where he gets her. Goodness sake! Beating is not acceptable. It is unreasonable to beat a woman. I wouldn't take any second thought if a man will hurt me or even pinched me, I would leave right away. Try me and you'll see? Huh!

All she need is to be loved in return and most of all to be respected. But unfortunately when your in love everything cannot be seen, you can be blind and also when you love it means you are ready to be hurt because you'll never pick the person who you love but only happen by chance.

Abe...I miss you my friend and I pray that one day you will find the right man for you.


Shabem said...

I can't imagine how hard it was. Hope that she will be alright after a horrible break up.
Bless your heart for helping out!
Have a great day Haze!

babigurl said...

kuha-a na ko te aron duna na kay kuyog diha hehehehehe