Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Seneserye I am now Addicted with

I guess everyone must be familiar the popular romance Mexican Soap of Thalia titled "MARIMAR"? That was 1994 when it was played in phillipines. I haven't seen the original but I heard it was that good. So here I am trying to follow on the Filipino Remake of Marimar - starred by Miss Marian Rievera and Dingdong Dantes. I feel in love with this soap and every now and then I keep searching it on you tube. This is just the last epesisode for today. Its getting hot this show and I'm lovin it. I think Marian is a great choice to act as Marimar. Not only she get Thalia's beauty and acting she is also an dance like Thalia. Can't get enough of this show. I just wanna thanks to Cutiemikee for uploading it in youtube. Thanks!


Casey's Mom said...

naa diay pinoy nga Marimar? wa jud koy hanaw ay. maayo na kalingawan tanaw haze.

Joyce said...

uy i never tried watching this heheh wala kami ng GMA eh...maka TFC kami lol