Thursday, 6 September 2007

Rosalinda / Thalia

I dont know why but when Thalia captured the heart of filipino's I sure was one of them. Thalia got the natural talent in her, dancing, singing, acting and etc. Must be in her blood to become superstar. The only supertalented actress even compares to hollywood. Well, I like Angelina too but angelina can't sing and dance but only can act. Ooooh she must be fortunate of the talent she have got anyway.

Anyway I grab a video of Thalia singing "Rosalinda" and at the same time dancing together with four little girls. Thalia is the original of the popular dance move before beyonce did it. Take a look!


Casey's Mom said...

Si Thalia ra ako mas cute gyud siya kaysa back-up dancers. hehehe

Agring said...

Nalingaw ko ani tan-aw Haze. Lami isayaw ug chacha.