Wednesday, 26 September 2007

My Yummy Roast Chicken

I could not believe that I did it right. I was only trying to see if doing it with following recipe's would work. And yes it does. Look at this yummy roast chicken of mine. Isn't it perfect? It taste as good, too that even hubby and my kids gave me double thumbs up. I feel proud indeed! For the very first time I cooked roast chicken all by myself.

What I did was took the chicken from the freezer, defrost it and then spice it up with black pepper, lemon juice and a little bit of salt. Covered it with olive oil or you can do it with a butter before placing to the oven to keep it moist do it every 20 minutes until cooked.

I cooked it for 2 hours and 15 minutes only. It was really yummy that we ate the whole chicken.


Shabem said...

Sounds like the family had a great meal. It sure looks good!

Casey's Mom said...

Wow..that looks DELISH! good job! wish I were there to have a try..bisan ug bukog!
Thanks diay sa comment haze. nakatiming lang gyud tawn ko. usahay pod zero tawn.kalooy.hehe.. kung la ka lingaw join aning aron lingaw ka tanaw sa mga bag.. taman nalang ko tanaw ug kaibog ani. hehe

jennyL said...

OMG that i delicious HAze, makes me so hungry na. yum yum.. dami ditong litson manok