Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Monthly Obligation

Last night me and hubby sent some money to Philippines for their monthly school fees. We just realised if we saved all those money that we sent out every month we could have been to Italy for holiday but instead we opted to give my younger siblings a chance for their better future. I just feel so blessed and lucky that the man I marry is super generous as me. I sent out £550 about $1000 USD again...Oucccch! And that is from my own money and hubby did his bit as well. I mean he added about £300 something to make it to the amount they needed. It is really painful for us especially for me because I work hard for my money but it is worthily spent though.

I also rang today to check if they got the money alright and end up talking to my family for 6 hours. Can you believe it? Well I always ring them every week and love chit-chatting with my parents and sisters. Usually I talked to them the shortest is 2 hours. I dont get charge that much as I used a special rate dialing code which charges me only 10 pence per minute. So I spent about 30-60 pounds every phone call I made to pinas. It is worth I supposed. Anyway I feel that I am very poor today because I broke my bank balance, arrrrgghhhh! Perhaps I need to start filling it again for the next months billing to come.


Casey's Mom said...

buslot lugar ang bulsa haze? hehehe.. ingana jud na unsaon ta man kinsa may lain motabang nila, di ba? ako lagi bana mo ingon nalang kung modaogmi ug $300,000,000 sa lotto among hakuton akong pamilya ipapuyo dre.. lol!

Francine said...

haze, may man ka kay mas dako man exchange rate inyo diha sa england.plus dako sad ka kita sa imo blogging no.ako tawn 3 ra ka website nya sahay wa pa jud.but anyways, youre family is blessed to have you

Shabem said...

I am helping out too before. Pero finally graduate na tanan. Naka ginhawa na ko ron ang pang board exam nalang pod. MORE BLESSINGS TO YOU!