Friday, 7 September 2007

Mistakenly By A Stranger

On tuesday afternoon I was on my way to pick my daughter. I was running fastly for I have only 10 minutes to get to her school. I ran through the pavement at the same time looking back to avoid car coming my way. I was unaware of this guy who were keeping track of every move I had on that minute and thought I was chased by someone so he didn't hesitate to stop and asked me if was alright. Yupp, he thought someone was chasing me and I was running away for help. [LAUGH]

I told him I was alright and the reason I ran its because I am to go pick up my daughter before 3pm which made the guy shocked for he thought I was only 17 yrs old. [Gawd] I was mistakenly as teenager (a weet 17). If I know I could have lied to him, hahahaha, joking. Instead I said thank you and I take it as a compliments, lol.

Anyway I departed from him soon after our short conversation because I don't feel confortable walking with another man.

Soon as I got home I told hubby and all he said is, I told you anywhere you go there are these men fooling around and trying to jump in your pants. Anyplace is untrustworthy. I find it weird yet funny.


gwapasila said...

happy friday !

Casey's Mom said...

Hahaha. mao lagi ning murag kinse anyos ta tanawon...warning pod si hubby hadlok diay to naay mangdiskarte nimo Haze.

jennyr said...

hehehe!kataw-anan man ka oi! naalaan nuon nga gigukod!

Darlene said...

Lain sad akong experience Haze kay highschool nga mga bata nagflirt nako hahahaha ingun ko nga minyo nako dili mutuo.Abi nila highschool pod ko hahahaha akong giingnan nga gulang nako.nakatawa nalang ko kay dili gyud sila mutuo nga minyo ko ug naa nakoy anak kay highschool lagi daw ko hahahaha maayo unta.

babigurl said...

dali ra man gyud ka maibgan ug puti te kay cg ra ka ngesi permi lol