Thursday, 13 September 2007

Little Bruiser and little Cheeky

is how everyone's prediction of my son but nobody knows what he' gonna be like when adulthood come along. They all thinks he's gonna get away all the naughtiness he will make by simply showing his cute cheeky smile and he is sure will be forgiven. Once time I took him to the shop nearby the town. We had a little stroll around while waiting the time to pick my daughter. While I was busy picking clothes he was busy pulling them as well. The lady in the store told him "NO" but all he did back to her was smiled and the lady's heart melt and smiled at him back. The lady said if only he haven't that cute smile he would have not got his naughtiness away.

Same as daddy find it hard to get angry at him whenever my son become rebellious because he would just turn around to daddy and give him his cheeky smile. Not only he is known to be cheeky within the family but also outside. It is just his character that is so obvious even to other people.


Shabem said...

Opppsss I've been seen seeing tons of scrapbooking pages lately. Seems like you are really inspired. Great one!

Jian Hong said...

Hi, i saw your link at linkreferral. And i have stop by to visit your blog. You got an interesting entries. Keep up your work and continue to update. =)

Casey's Mom said...

nice smiley face jud.. even his eyes are also smiling.