Thursday, 27 September 2007

Kilts for Custome Party

The first time I see kilt was my friends husband wedding. He (the groom) was wear kilts and I was unsured whether to rude or not because I thought at first it was funny. But then when hubby told me that is a traditional garment of Scottish and also a traditional grooms outfit that all scottish grooms are usually wearing kilts.

Then the longer I lived here in UK the more I used to see many scottish who wear kilts. It becomes a part of my life seeing people wearing kilts, be it scottish or not. It is becoming more fashionable the kilts these days and many people wanted to have one. I, for instance wants to have it for my kids especially my daughter as they are having a national customer day soon on their school. It would be nice to wear something different and I think kilt will do. Heritage Scottish .com offers varieties of kilts from the traditional to modern type of kilts. So if you fancy having one then you know where to get it, and see what kilts best suit you. Plus the shipping is free.

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