Sunday, 2 September 2007

Just Realised

Whenever we go off holiday I'd always lost things. It be jewelries, shows, camera's, you named it all. Back 3 yrs ago I lost hubby's brand new camera in the plane. Then I lost my celphone,too 2 yrs ago and last year I lost the whitegold necklace with a diamond pendant that was hubby's b-day gift for me. After I losses stuff I always think I wish I just sold it instead, lol. Regret always comes after the incident. Ins't it funny? This time I lost my charger or shall I say that I had left it behind the B&B where we stayed and not only that I also left my new top and hubby's shirt too. We just bought it from our little shopping trip to one of the town there (Devon-Southwest England). I am so upset and frustrated that I didn't check twice before we left the place. How dumb! It's absolutely annoying when you lost or left something.....grrrrrrrrrrr! But there you go such as life! We live and learn but unfortunately I haven't learn yet. Stupido!

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Casey's Mom said...

ka dangs ba kaayo nimo. hehehe