Sunday, 2 September 2007

Its a little bit more about me

Anne Igat aka Texas Sweetie has tagged me so here's my bit....

What is your favorite…

gum: Sugarfree Orbit peppermint flavour

restaurant: Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock cafe

drink: Mango Juice, Straberry Smoothie and blackcurrant

season: England can be very cold and summer here is just like spring or even fall/autum in any countries therefore summer season would suit me best.

emotion: happy

thing to do on a half day: eating and surfing the net

late-night activity: blogging and watching films

sport: tennis

city: Singapore City

When was the last time you…

cried: this morning because hubby woke me up too early to get ready for church and have lunch with my in-laws.

laughed: just now laughing with hubby

hugged someone: 4 hours ago in my in-laws house I hugged hubby while watching television waiting for our late lunch to be serve.

kissed someone: A minute ago hubby kissed me before he went onto his computer.

felt depressed: Yes because of the weather and fall and winter are on its way. I hate it because it makes me feel more homesick.

felt elated: during our holidays (few days ago).

felt overworked: every monday and friday

faked sick: this morning so hubby will stop persuading me to wake up, lol.

lied: last friday to my manager at work, I rang him and said I was stock at traffic and couldn't come on time for my shift, hehehe.

What was the last…

word you said: I'm hungry

thing you ate: Rice and pickled fish

song you listened to: Marimar theme song by Regine Velasquez

thing you drank: fresh milk

place you went to: my in-laws house

movie you saw: Alice in Wonderland

movie you rented: We are very updated of our DVD's collection so we don't need to rent some.

concert you attended: Sam Milby and Sheryn Regis

Who was the last person you…

hugged: hubbytot

cried over: hubby when I was upset by some non-sense, lol.

kissed: my baby girl kissed goodnight

danced with: with my kids in my in-laws house just today we had a little dance

shared a secret with: hubby

called: my boss just this afternoon to let them know that I'm back from holiday and will be working on monday.

went to a movie with: hubby

saw: my in-laws

were angry with: none

couldn't take your eyes off of: my kids beautiful smile

obsessed over: thalia's face and body

Have you ever…

danced in the rain: yes with hubby in one of our dates before

kissed someone: of course..

done drugs: yes...

drank alcohol: yes socially... wine for example...every meal time here in England wines are on the can sometimes be apperitiff too. For all alcoholic drinks champange and baileys are my favourite's.

partied 'til the sun came up: Absolutely...I am known as a party girl even hubby know's it that is why we get on very well, lol.

had a movie marathon: no

done too far on a dare: yes

spun until you were immensely dizzy: yes

taken a survey quite like this before: yes


Casey's Mom said...

how sweet the dance in the rain.

Shabem said...

How romantic dancing in the rain-(Pa try nga!)
I see similar things we both like pod.
Present gyud nang blogging I love mango juice pod and watching movies.
Great survey!