Sunday, 23 September 2007

I love Ballroom Dancing, Do you?

Aske me out I would never go with you. But ask me to do ballroom dance and thats 100 percent I will come. I so much love ballroom. When I was in my high school my teacher and all the faculty members used to asked me as a representative of any ballroom dance . I won't say I'm that good but sure I am capable of doing it. Any ballroom dance my favourites are salsa, tango and waltz. I can do the others but not as good as my favourites. I used to have my lesson every saturday night and with my very own instructor (my cousin).

I missed doing it. I am thinking of having a little break and go ballroom dancing here in England. But then I have kids to worry who's going to look after them. Glad there is online dance lesson available and all the dance steps that I probably forget I can refresh it through This is really a good find and I'm so happy about it. Now I can recall and refresh all my favourite ballroom steps.

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NoVa said...

I like balloon dancing too...hahaha i like ur entry...