Tuesday, 11 September 2007

I can do better

Now I realised I can do better of making a layout. Hmmm, just need to focus and more determination as well as patience. Anyway, I dont know if its my software or what but few goodies I bought seems not working on properly. Whenever I do click and drag, it will either get blank or hang up. I wonder if you guys encountered this trouble before?


- paper by Cinderella kit of Mary
- doodles (flower1 and flowervine) by Angie Briggs
- Staple by Mary
- cardboard piece by Cinderella of Mary kits
- photframe by N. Comelab of Lilypad Designer
- ribbonedger by Corina
- split cardboard by Corina
- barely there pin by Amy Wolf
- barely there flower2 by Amy Wolf
- Alpha by Amy Wolf


Agring said...

You are right Haze! You are getting better. Your LO is beautiful..

What software are you using ba?
Usahay saputon pod ng mga software. akong gamit PSP X.

Shabem said...

Ana ako before kung dako ang file.Pero make sure mag delete ka mga unnessary files kay makahinay na cya sa PC labi na scrapping stuff. Naa koy external hard drive para didto nako i save ning mga layouts nako ug elements to make sure naa backup. Then kung dili loaded and memory sa PC mas faster cya.

Casey's Mom said...

nice layout haze.. maayo na lugar ka mo scrap karon.. good work!

babigurl said...

wafaha jud sa amoa kk uy