Monday, 24 September 2007

How True Is it? Body Builders have Small Penis?

A tag from Irel and while reading her question I was laughing out loud. Can u Imagine this question to be not funny? Lol, I guess it would make you laugh, too.

Anyway here's my answer day Irel.....,

Okey I think it is half true. I guees the steroids they take shrinks them as well as affect on their manhood (sexual performance) also too much muscles of their thighs affect their appearance so it will make their penis look small between big hunky thighs.

Or it can be the muscles tablets affect the sizes of mens penis. I'm not sure but thats what I believe. the more muscles men have the smaller their penis.

Nyahahahahahaha....this funny!

Thank you Irel. I am so intrigued of this question.

Still thinking of my question....will post it later, pwedi?


Casey's Mom said...

gamay ilang bunal haze kay mahilis cge alsa bug-at..LOL!

Darlene said...

Got this tag too Haze but i don't know what to say yet,it is funny to think but at the same time it's kinda blonde isn't it?Have a great day!

Shabem said...

Hala ka katawa ko title pa lang gani. I think ingon nila heavy guys. Pero kung healthy labi na ga exercise murag dili cguro uy. Na too bad ug gamay LOL!