Friday, 28 September 2007

Got so Emotional Over Marimar

I'm not into pinoy soap but once I get hooked up to any of it then it would be hard for me not to follow every episode. The only seniserye I am addicted at the moment is the Filipino remake of "Marimar" and "Natutulog ba ang Diyos".

Everytime I am looking forward to the new episode and to think that I even get angry to the nasty bitch "Angelika" who makes Marimar life miserable. For me every episode is a new excitement because I haven't seen the original Marimar whom lead by mexican actress " Thalia " . Now I am so delighted that pinoy made a remake about it.

The most hated episode of me...

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jennyL said...

naku i hate soap operas talaga ..pero marimar has a charm that made me and my mom watch it hahaha. kaloka exciting na ang susunod na episodes