Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Gossip Girl

This is a must-watch!

Well....I think it is true that we girls like to gossip, my husband says men do too it is just that they call it news...if you read my blog you know how I always spread the latest celebrity gossip, love to keep up with it and spread it hehe. Poor Britney at MTV what can you say...Anyway can you imagine a blog you all read, which tells everyone amongst a group of friends who is doing what where when?--thats Gossip Girl on The CW--and just who is she anyway? She is the central voice in a great new show starting on the CW Television Network next wednesday the 19 September--it looks awesome, written by the same guy who wrote OC which I love soI think this will be a winner to!!

I checked out the website then started watching..and watching hehee it is really cool you dont have to wait until wednesday to get a taste of the action, some of it is there on the website, find out about the characters and be ready for the start! so tune into CW on Wednesday 19 September and watch the start of a new must see series :) Gossip Girl--well a girl has to..doesn't she?

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alexgirl said...

Woo hoo! I'm so psyched for this. I know it's gonna be girly and drama-rama, but I can't wait. I think I'll pop some popcorn and enjoy!!!