Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Environmentally Friendly Campuses Become a Growing Trend

Have you notice the sudden climate change? I have search through online and found the great sites which had different videos on it. I choose the green economy that talks about Environmentally Friendly Campuses Become a Growing Trend these days. What do I think about it? Its simple as what the videos talk about, I agreed all of it. I think having a nicer environment is much more noticeable and friendly not only to the locals but as well as to the tourist.

You may take note the current news that there are more than 176 "green" colleges and
universities, according to the U.S. Green Buildings Council, and
the number continues to grow. Isn't it amazing to keep up all these stuff. Portland State University is actually one of this 176 green colleges and I think its pretty much good number. I kinda think that there are actually people or schools leader that are truly concern of our climate or environment today. Like watering the plants using the rain water or even flushing the Loo's / toilet. It will all add up to minimising the water usage and it is very good.

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