Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Effect of Caffeinated Drinks

I'm not really used to drinking coffee, tea or any other drinks that has caffeine in it. The reason why is because I couldn't sleep at night and it really has that affect on me. I never use to drink cola before but since after giving birth to my son I then decided to try. If I'd known I'd be addicted to it that quickly I would have not started it.

Hubby is a diet Pepsi or Diet Coke addict and I always get tempted to have a sip. Until the time comes that I choose to drink and since then it is become my habit to have a cola every after lunch. Just a little sip to washed-up my food intake. The feeling after drinking it is quite contentful. However, drinking it before bedtime ain't a good idea because it's not only that it keeps me awake but also it brings me down. Like having a depression attack that just in a sudden I feel very sad, listless, fractious and will start crying and moaning about being tired but could'nt sleep. It's unbelievable. Hubby was getting too worried, hehehehehe.

I dont know but that's what caffeinated drinks does to me. It's really terrible, it makes me sound mad. What hubby explains that it has that effect to some people and if you won't control the amount of your drinks it will totally make you mad. Then there came hallucinations - you start hearing voices and being concious about people talking behind your back although they did not. It's all part of drinking too much caffeine. But glad I didn't get that worst or else I would have gone completely mad. [LAUGH]

Now I am very careful of my caffeine intake. I'm only allowed to have one when its before 4 pm and after that there is no way hubby would allow me because whatever I go through he will also will suffer.


Casey's Mom said...

uy..kuyaw diay ana nimo haze..careful.

Darlene said...

I myself don't drink coffee & soda that much.It is true that it has effect when you drink with caffeine drinks.I can't sleep at night too everytime i drink too much soda or even just a half cup of coffee. Anyway it's bad for our health really so why drinking it?Once in a while it's ok but everything that is too much is bad.