Thursday, 13 September 2007

Could it be a Flu

Yes my whole body is aching, I wonder if I caught a flu, waaaaaaaa. I hope its not. My throats hurt for few days now and seems I lost my appetite. Hmmmmm...I'm realy not enjoying being ill because I am so far away from my Mum who used to look after me whenever I get ill.

Hubby is trying his best though. Anyway I hope I can get over it soon because tomorrow I have to go to work as I am not a big fan of calling my manager for sick reason. I already took some medication. When you get ill with kids it is sure a pain in the bum.

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Shabem said...

Thanks God I am not sickly. I remember a few times yeah,but very minor. Still it's really annoying even just a headache.
Take medicine!