Sunday, 9 September 2007

Bedding Experienced

I am born not in a silver spoon but in a plastic one, lol. I grew up sleeping in a hard bed and the bedding weren't that good. I didn't complaint though because for me I was already lucky enough to have a shed whenever rains hit in the night.

But when I start working in the city and have lived in my boss house I noticed that their kids we're so fussy whenever the sheets or blankets are not being changed for a day. Anyway their mum even always buying a new beddings every month but perhaps that the pleasure of being rich.

She used to get bedding for teenagers because the kids we're about 13 and 15 yrs old. I was thinking if I could actually asked their old ones but because of my shyness I didn't. We were their lodgers while we are working on their Shipping Agency.

My boss were very nice and she always tells me on how to be a good parent. She said you have to always give everything so that is why she always give more and more to her kids and one of that is the comfortable bedding. She said her kids cannot sleep if their beddings are starting to get fade or it has beed used for 3 to 4 weeks and they also suffer itchiness so she tends to get them hypo-allergenic bedding for teens .

Teen bedding needs to be soft and cosy so the kids or teenagers could do sleep well. Not only for teens even for us adults and especially the little babies, too. I know where to get my bedding soon after we move only in a of course.

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Merydith said...

Wafa kumusta na ka diha. Pasensya karon pa lang ko kaagi. Na blog of the day may diay ka sa PPP wa lang ka gi show. Anyways, hope everything is ok with your family. Kisses to your girls.