Thursday, 2 August 2007

Yummy Bread

Every now and then I do reminisced about the yummy bread in my hometown. I guess everyone is familiar of the Julies Bakeshop and Go. Yes, they are my favourite bakeshop when I was still living there. Everyday I always have bread in my meal. Even before I got married. I just love bread and can eat hundreds of it. Especially the sweet bread. Thats the only thing I miss home. While here I could not get any of the kind. Their bread here is very different from the bread I used to. It is more salty while I love sweet taste. However I like their bread rolls here which remind me of the pandesal. The bread I used to have with my breakfast. At least bread roll is very similar and the taste wise. I'm so glad. So this is what I have for my breakfast a bread roll with hot chocolate sometimes with my Milo.

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