Friday, 17 August 2007

Will have a Quite Weekend

What is our plan for the weekend? We will just probably stay in the house and wait until we get bored, lol. No, hubby need to finish his project before monday. So that sure will keep him busy this weekend. But he promise to take some leave off by next week and will take us to Brighton for more beach fun. Exciting! So maybe tomorrow or by sunday we will just pop down to my mother in-law and as usuall do our barbecue thing. We'll like it anyway. So no plan for adventures at all. But we might take for walk to the forest for some fresh air and see see some wild flowers. That would be enough to keep the kids busy, hehehe. So I would wish everyone a happy and peaceful weekend! Thanks for peeking here in my site. I'll return compliments soon as I'm done here.

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