Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Why I buy Gold Coin

Not because I wear them to show off to people but because it is somewhat an investment. I want to invest as much as I can for the future of my kids. Investing in gold is great. Look at gold coin at where you can invest in gold in an all-cash purchase and have your purchase delivered to you via registered and insured U.S. Mail. When you buy gold coins or bullion and utilize Monex storage, you retain ownership of, and title to, the precious metals, and your precious metals are insured by the bank or storage facility.

I started my gold investment since I was still in phillipines and now I am more inspired that I found monex. Potentially I could buy a high quality gold through them. Safer and secure than most others. Its a lot of potential in buying gold. In emergency purposes, badly need a cash gold is a great help. So invest your savings now buy buying gold at monex. So for me I thats the only reason I buy gold is for an investment purposes.

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