Saturday, 11 August 2007

Thought of Sharing

I would just like to share our pics during our trip down to the beach last Sunday. British people were very excited for the first time of summer season that we got the warmest of the sun. As I mention in my previous post we had the summer for the first time. Last sunday was the hottest of this year summer about 84 fahrenheit (correct me if wrong, spelling wise) I'm not sure whats the exact spelling of that word as we dont used it here very much. Anyway not hot as philippines of course. Philippines is way too hot. But as we only get it once in a blue moon ( the sun ) we decided to take the most of its time. We drove down to Rustington Beach, just 40 minutes away from our place and spent hours by the seashore while enjoying the nice weather of the year. So here's our pic, I'd thought of sharing it you as well as my family as they always check my blog every now and then.

with my son (nag pongko2x )

My son with his Granny

My daughter with her Granny

Kath's Sand Castle

my son with Auntie Joanna

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irel said...

wow nice pix jud madame! maayu ap mo oi naay beach masuya ko wahhhhh ako tawon nganhi asus kamaisan raman tawon ning amoa day haze hahahahha naa lake pero way lami oi :) wow family puting jud oi kuyog si granny ug auntie:) maayu ap imong mga anak day kay duol ra sa inyung family kami tawon wa jud! ang mga family sa akong bana tua sa TN 16 hrs drive lol! anywnay tc always and enjoy the weekends gwapa mwah!

jennyr said...

how nice! mingaw nako sa beach ai! katong flatware Haze is from Oneida and you can check their items at

Ladynred said...

Nice pics Haze. Thanks for sharing.

Janine said...

awwsss ka cute nila oio..dagko naman imong mga anak dae haze...nindot kaayo ang beach mura ra pud naa ka sa pinas sa..bitaw thanks sa pag hapit sa akong balay...happy weekened nimo dira..mwaaahh

diogenes said...

You have been linked at my blog. And give my love to the little one. Nice images.

一楠 said...


Annie said...

wow nice dagat nindot ligo dai ah... may diha kay di man kaayo init noh, diri texas super init makasakit ulo pag gawas ka