Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Summer Holiday

My daughter has finally completed her year at the reception. It was their end of school term. Done and complete. So now its her summer holiday. The school start not until first week of september. Im excited for her as she is going to be in year 1. She is under the Wren Class. I hope she will have an adviser/ Teacher as nice as Mrs Clarch (Kath's reception teacher). Kath told me she is going to miss her. During their last day of school which was last week, they had a sports day and all the pupils gave some present to their teacher. Kath give some goodies to Mrs Clarks. Teachers also gave souvenirs to the pupils. Kath got a keyring with her picture in it and some few goodies. So Im glad the school term has finally end. Looking forward for our holiday to North. Just for few days.

Kath together with her classmate during the sports day

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