Saturday, 18 August 2007

Something you dont know

Sweet Darlene got me this tag....Thanks Gorgeous!

My name: Christine
Childhood ambition: Fashion Designer, Actress and Lawyer
Fondest memory: High School life
Soundtrack: Yellow by Coldplay
Retreat: Relaxing warm bath
Wildest dream: To be rich and Famous
Proudest moment: My wedding Day
Biggest challenge: Minimise my expenses - shopping for instance.
Alarm clock: The boisterous noise of my kids every morning
Perfect day: Beach and Ski-ing with my crowd only
First job: Tickiting Agent in WG&A JP franchised.
Indulgence: Sweet and Savoury
Last purchase: My scrapping Goodies
Favorite movie: Shadowlands
Inspiration: People who look down on me, I get inspired whenever they do.
My life is: pretty good
My card is: Visa and American Express LOYDS TSB bank


Shabem said...

Rich and Famous gyud ha? Maka inspire ba nang tao na look down nato hehehe.. btaw no! Great tag.

Agring said...

I thought your name is Hazel Christine pala. hehe

Juzahlyn said...

hehehe oh yeah...minimizing expenses ang hirap kaya nun hehehe

Darlene said...

Thanks kaayo Haze sa pagtubag dayun sa akong tagay hehehe gusto diay pod ka madato parehas nako ha pero ako gusto tabang ikaw gusto ma famous hehehehe anyways lahi2 man gyud nig ambisyun ug mga pangandoy ang mga tawo diba so go for it girl!