Monday, 20 August 2007

Shall We Thoof it

Since I new the site I always get thoof and read my personalised news daily. I am even thinking to write my own story and shared it to everybody and for that reason I can increase my blog traffic immediately. What is thoof rank is a numerical ranking and it will help a lot increasing usage of the site and vice versa and discovery service, has released its first set of site upgrades since its launch earlier this summer. What more is the ability to search content by the member/user that submitted it by simply clicking on the user name and seeing all other posts from the same user.

What I really find interesting is the people who shares their own story, I think its a great way to be expressive without feeling embarrassed at all. So if you love writing and sharing after your own story then you can get along with thoof. Who knows you might get lucky and will be given prize by it. It is a very easy site that whenever you visit to it you will be directly presented by the latest news updates. All-in-all Thoof is a user generated news website, which automatically personalizes the articles shown to users, and where users can collaboratively edit articles. So lets thoof it and sure we enjoy the personalized news that thoof users provide powered by thoof of course.

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