Saturday, 18 August 2007

A Rehab for Teens

Do you have any idea how many teenager need help today because they are turning the wrong path of their life? Yes most of the youngter are mislead into addiction and thats a bad news to our world. Thats why Echo Malibu created a Teen Rehab especially to this teens addiction and to the extent alcoholism, metal health and behavioural health issues. The purposes of this rehabilation is to look after these poor teens that are having addiction issues and the likes. Its so nice that many of us think of helping these teens in our today's society. Echo Malibu are offering a 24 hours service just to help, especially youngster.

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Darlene said...

Gwapa pod imong manghud haze noh parehas mog nawong,i just can tell who's your sis in the photos can naa gyud moy similarities.Mga kaliwat gyud mog model sa kay nipis man pod ug lawas imong little sistah.And the scrapping that's true it really can consume a lot of time,but it's worth it though coz you did a great job!