Friday, 10 August 2007

Our First Summer Begins

Basically, it is the last month of summer and yet ours is just started. Last Sunday were the hottest of this year summer about 84 fahrenheit. For me it was not hot enough, though. It is less than philippines temperature wise, right? And I wanted to be more hot than that so I am hoping this weekend it will be but its unlikely as our weather has gone back to its coolness again. Its been pretty much wet after sunday. Rain started soon as monday strike. But I should be happy at least we had a little bit summer. So we had a trip down to the beach last sunday and we had so much fun. As to the kids they simply loved it. They were goofing around and was playing contentedly. Oooooh, here I am wishing again to have the same weather by this weekend. We plan to go to Brighton this time, another beach location.

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