Thursday, 2 August 2007

Online Shopping Instead

I love shopping and sure does everyone else, especially girls. As for me I love to collect the classic trends if I could. My appetite of shopping is way much higher than before. Supposedly Hubby and I are going shopping tomorrow, do a quick trip to the mall nearby. But as soon as I mention about coupon code that I could get through shopping online, he changed his mind. Instead he peek the site and start browsing and browsing until he found his favourite online store, the smarthome . He's planning already what sort of gadgets do we need on our next house. Although is not quite yet but he wants to do it in advance for when we get there we are all ready. He is very happy that he could get few home gadgets pretty cheap. Now that he knows he could actually shop online not as expensive as he thought before, he might do it regularly. As long as coupon code are still available there is nothing to worry about. He knows his limit more than me and he is a smart shopper and knows what the stuff's real worth so no one can rip him off. Online coupon code is amazing.

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