Wednesday, 8 August 2007

My phone has been chewed

My son did something disastrous today. He ruin the shiness and flawless new mobile I just got from hubby. He is fascinated by phones and I dont know why he love playing stuff that he shouldn't be playing. I left my mobile on charge as my batt was dead. I left the room for just a second and when I come back to my surprised I saw my phone on my son's mouth. He was chewing it, he is worst as hungry crocodile. It was totally oblivious whats going on. I suddenly grab it from him and saw it but its too late because there is loads of his teeth marks on the celphone casinng. I was outrage by the fact that I was not aware of happening. Now I wouldn't leave important things unattended when my son's around, that is a lesson leart for me.

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